Pat Randall

Pat Randall 7 hours, 9 minutes ago on 833 Should Olympics in Rio de Janeiro be postponed?

Who decides where the Olympics will be? Contestant or spectators are not forced to go, are they? Quarantine the people who do go, having them pay for it. Don't let them back in the U.S. if they refuse. Depending on if it is winter or summer Olympics it would depend on if it could be postponed or not. Wouldn't it?


Pat Randall 7 hours, 16 minutes ago on 842 Here's a quick summary of bills recently signed by the Governor.

Have a problem with the one about DRs. They should have to pass some kind of test in Arizona and/or show their educational information. Even tho some of the best drs. my family has gone to are trained out of state or from other countries. Believe it or not we have drs. and nurses that have no training and no one checked until to late. Carrying a license around with them doesn't prove anything. You can have one printed any way you like. Each one should be investigated before hiring.


Pat Randall 7 hours, 28 minutes ago on 837 Are these illegals raids for real?

I don't think the public needs to know what the immigration people are doing until the illegals are loaded on a plane or ship to remove them. Just one person could mess up the whole thing. If we really want to get rid of them let the immigration people do their job with out news bulletins. Reporters have done more to damage the U.S. than any one or anything else. Muffle them !!


Pat Randall 22 hours, 47 minutes ago on Plenty of paperwork for upcoming elections yet to be filedt

Please vote for Mr. Shepherd.

We don't want a man for sheriff who threw a drink in someones face outside a bar while he was a deputy in Tonto Basin. We owned the Punkin Center Bar and Restaurant. One night there was a fight while Stubbs was eating dinner in the restaurant off duty. He came outside with a drink in his hand. I told him to give it to me as it is against the law to take a open container out. No matter what is in it. He threw the drink in my face then handed me the glass. Is that the kind of man you want for the Gila County Sheriffs job?


Pat Randall 2 days, 5 hours ago on 854 At last! ASU campus appears likely to become a reality.

Never saw it before. Thank you . I was trying to find something on my keyboard. You have taught me so many things. Too bad I can't remember all of them. If I write them down I lose the paper I wrote it on. (: