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Pat Randall 12 hours, 30 minutes ago on 558 It's Your Call.... Treatment of the homeless.

Charles, How do you tell a well adjusted person from a non well adjusted? Maybe they like living that way and not have the responsibilities of owning a home or working. What one person sees as well adjusted another doesn't. Who on here thinks I am well adjusted? (:

A lot of people just don't want to work and have responsibilities. Stand on the corner with a sign asking for help. can't get a job, but wearing NIKE shoes, a cigarette in their hand and a Big Gulp in the other hand in the summer. My son tried to give a job to a man in Mesa that was holding a sign 'need a job' but he never showed up to work. Yes, there are some people that deserve help, but not a handout.

How many of them have you helped in any way?


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Why can't they sleep in the park if that is where the sidewalk is? At least get them out of the way where people may want to walk,


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Jeffery, Was your post to me or the person who wrote the article? If me, you don't have a clue as to what kind of person I am. If to the person who wrote the article, you are right on.


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Order of protection does nothing but make the abuser mad and more violent. If the women goes to court and the judge does nothing, shame on him. They don't seem to want to do anything until the wife is almost or killed. The abuser should be locked up the first time a complaint is filed. When released the court should make him pay child support. Blame the judges not the abused. If he doesn't pay then lock him up again. I know a woman that was going to leave her husband and he told her he would kill her father. That stopped her for the time being, but then he enlisted in the army, and when he was sent overseas she divorced him. He never came near her when he got back as she had told her father and he was ready for him.


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Nancy, I don't think Bruce meant it the way you think. It is the people in Chaparral Pines that would turn up their noses if manufactured homes were placed next to them. I live in a neighborhood that started out to be all manufactured homes. They are much better looking than a lot of site built homes in Payson. I have lived in trailer houses, small houses, a beautiful 4000 square foot home in Gilbert then back to a smaller house in Mesa. Then a mobile home in Tonto Basin. Home is what you make it, not the structure you live in.


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Tom, You don't give enough information. I know you are fishing for answers but I need more information. Is this in Tucson or South Tucson? Makes a difference or would have 40 yrs. ago. Where do they go to a bathroom? Are they allowed small burners to cook on? How do they keep the sidewalk clean? Kick everything in the gutter?

No they should not be allowed to camp on the sidewalks. No one wants to walk thru that to get somewhere or to shop in the area. I am surprised the business owners allow them in front of their stores. I don't think those people are looking for a job, they are looking for a handout. "oh look at poor me. How about a donation in my empty dog food can ."