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Pat Randall 13 hours, 32 minutes ago on 150 The Question Is.... Say what? How many?

Pam, Sounds like the tests that are required of the schools. I think the people who are requiring them and the teachers should have to pass the tests first.


Pat Randall 15 hours, 26 minutes ago on 150 The Question Is.... Say what? How many?

Getting off track a little, but a few years back I went into vote. As I was signing in a man about 25 came in and signed in. Then he ask the lady what am I supposed to do with this? Meaning the ballot she had handed him. Yes, he spoke English very well. Didn't have a clue, Someone must have paid him to vote but he didn't know how.

Have you noticed? I must attract the weird people. (: All the things I put on here are true.


Pat Randall 17 hours, 50 minutes ago on Deputy shoots neighborhood dog as children watch

An apology does not bring back a loved pet or remove the image of an animal being shot the way this one was. Why wasn't the dog catcher called by the wife if she knew there was a dog in the yard?


Pat Randall 18 hours, 6 minutes ago on Drugs lead to child neglect

Seems Cahill does not treat all drug users the same. This woman does not deserve probation again. Is he waiting for her to kill herself or harm her children? She is a thief, child abuser and druggie. 4 yrs or more and she can't get it right. The statement that since she has entered jail, has demonstrated exemplary behavior. What does that mean? If she was male don't think she would be getting off so easy. Only an opinion.


Pat Randall 1 day, 14 hours ago on 150 The Question Is.... Say what? How many?

The most I ever missed was three questions on one and one question on two. The rest were all 100 percent right. What does that say for the people taking the tests now? Been getting them for 63 yrs. I can read and speak English. The last time I took it in 2010 there were no manuals to read. But I didn't miss any of the questions.


Pat Randall 1 day, 15 hours ago on On the trail of the Mogollon Monster

I believe Chief Jacobs has inhaled to much smoke over the years working for the fire depts.

Between my husband's and my ancestors I think if there was a bigfoot out there one of them would have seen one and told about it. My husbands great grandfather came to Pine in 1888. My great great- grandfather on my grandmother's side came to Greenback in the Tonto Basin area in 1873. My great grandfather on my dad's side was drowned in Tonto Creek in 1904 at Gisela. My mother's father came to Payson in 1898. Between all of them and their offspring they have been all over on foot or horse back from Roosevelt Dam to the top of the Rim and on to Winslow. From Young to the Big Verde River that runs thru Camp Verde. Pretty much covers Gila County and parts of Coconino County. Part of the families are still chasing cattle in some of the areas. Not a one of them has ever seen Mr. or Mrs. Bigfoot if they exist. Please believe me they would have told the story many times. Probably would have tried to rope it they were horseback. One of my husband's uncles roped a bear. Had the only bear rug that didn't have a bullet hole in it.


Pat Randall 2 days, 10 hours ago on 185 The Questions Is.... Benefits cards.

Thanks Bernice. I don't usually tell about the things I do that are good as it really isn't anyone's business, but I get tired of some of the things written that I know are aimed at me.


Pat Randall 2 days, 14 hours ago on 185 The Questions Is.... Benefits cards.

There are people who need help at times but not till the end of their days.

A few years ago about a week before Christmas a house burned to the ground here in Payson. The couple had two children a boy and a girl under 10 yrs. old All their Christmas had burned in the fire. My husband and I found them, took them to Walmart. Told them to pick out presents for their kids and get something for each other. The limit was $300.00. When we went to check out the bill was less than $200,00 and the couple would not buy anything for each other, just the kids, so we made them take the balance of the money to buy food or whatever they needed. They were both crying and hugged my husband and me. That made our Christmas a lot happier.