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Pat Randall 8 hours, 38 minutes ago on 953 Here's what failing to send illegals home and slamming the door after them can do to a country.

Has there ever been a time when a third person was thrown in for president that they won? It only takes away the votes from the best of the other two. If Hillary wins, we might as well get out our guns and shoot ourselves. Stop and think of all the wrong things she was caught doing. God only knows about the rest of them we don't know about. Staying with her husband shows what kind of person she is to begin with. Remember I am a woman and will not vote for Hillary for president. I would vote to have her in prison, and/or mental institution where she belongs.


Pat Randall 9 hours, 56 minutes ago on We must never accept this violence

A woman that keeps going back for twenty years has a definite problem. I don't believe anyone should take beatings, but they have to have sense enough to get out of the situation and stay out. Does anyone really know what was happening all those years? NO Maybe she was beating on him but he was embarrassed to tell that. Ever hear of self defense.

Mel, you can call me anything you like, but you know nothing about me.


Pat Randall 23 hours, 17 minutes ago on The Hospice Support Fund Letter

The Hospice Support Fund with the address of P.O. Box 1839 Merrifield, VA 22116-8039 is a SCAM. If you receive a letter from them asking for money. Don't send it.


Pat Randall 23 hours, 42 minutes ago on Event Center

I can't find the post about doing more work on the event center and putting a roof on it. Also about what great rodeos and crowds were here at one time. The event center has taken to much money already. It was supposed to have a conference center built there to begin with, but no conference center and it is eating up all the park money now.

The reason there are not great rodeos and crowds here for it any more is because the Chamber of Commerce takes all the money and the pay to the winning contestants don't even pay them back their entry fees.. No sense is wasting their time coming here anymore and without good contestants no crowds to watch them. The rodeo did last from 1:00 until about 5:00 and there was always early morning contestants because there were to many to get thru before dark. Now the rodeo lasts about 2 hours and most of that time is clowns and moving the animals back to the chutes. Maybe six contestants in each event. I have been to a couple since it has been moved to the event center and will never go to another one. The last one my husband and I went to, it cost $5.00 to park, $15.00 to get in and $4.00 for two bottles of water for 2 hrs. of not much. Forget it.


Pat Randall 1 day, 7 hours ago on 953 Here's what failing to send illegals home and slamming the door after them can do to a country.

To whoever said I should go to other places in Mexico. I have. When I was first married lived a mile from Naco Mexico and about 25 miles from Agua Fria, traveled around Mexico quite a bit.

There are jobs, but some people don't want them. They are beneath them. They would rather be on welfare, and stand on a corner with a Big Gulp in one hand and cigarette and sign asking for money in the other. Clear about $200. a day on a good corner. We have owned 6 different businesses and I have dealt with a lot of people wanting work, but it was beneath them to do the kind of work we had. We paid fair wages at all of them. They only applied in the first place to take the paper work back to unemployment. So most employers will hire illegals and pay them less money in cash or accept fake papers and still underpay them. Yes, there are a few out there who want an honest job. First of all get up off your a-- and look for one. If you are hungry and can't get anything free you will work. Do a good job and then you will make more money. No, I am not cold hearted, I have helped people who really need it.


Pat Randall 1 day, 8 hours ago on Payson mayor candidates clash

Bruce, Do you want the same thing we have had the last few years with evans? That is what we will have with Hughes.
Don't kid your self they are both Real Estate agents. What we really need is someone who hasn't been on the council and aren't trying to help themselves but the people of Payson. We need younger people in town and running it instead of the mostly retired bunch that want somewhere to go on Thurs. night.


Pat Randall 1 day, 11 hours ago on Mountain bike advocates scope out Rumsey for trails

Mike, it has nothing to do with class. There isn't any out there as far as I have seen. All show and no dough. It would be better if they were put out east. No kids would be bothering them and getting in the way. No motor bikes etc. Funny how things change. When I was a kid in Payson, bikes were the only way we got around besides walking. We didn't need trails. Why should the non bikers now have trails thru the parks, that we all will have to pay for but heaven forbid if they were used for anything else.


Pat Randall 2 days, 2 hours ago on 953 Here's what failing to send illegals home and slamming the door after them can do to a country.

If Mexico is so bad how come there are so many Americans living there? My brother in-law lived in San Carlos for over 15 yrs. Had a boat dealership and got to go fishing whenever he wanted. Lived on the shore of a bay and loved it. I didn't see starving have dressed people any where. About 5 miles from where he lived was an American colony like place. We didn't go over there as we were happy where he was living. Nice house, 2 guest houses, swimming pool and the bay. He went there legally. His daughter went to school there and she was not given a teacher to teach her Spanish. She had to learn on her own, which she did very quick. If she hadn't been blonde people would have thought she was a native. Not like schools here where we have to have Spanish speaking teachers to teach the illegals how to speak English. See it costs us money for the illegals to go to school here along with all the other freebies they get, medical care for one.