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Pat Randall 16 hours, 35 minutes ago on 225 The Question Is.... Guns in city hall.

I'm sort of getting off the guns but not completely. I think all back packs should be banned from all grades in all schools. To much can be hidden in them. Cigarettes, drugs, spray cans of paint or whatever and guns to name a few of the worst things. Not only that, they are destroying small children's backs. I think all of us posting on here made it thru school without back packs. For awhile the schools were furnishing two books. One to be left at home and one at school. So no need for a back pack to carry them back and forth at that time.


Pat Randall 21 hours, 19 minutes ago on 219 The Question Is.... Westerns.

Tom, You didn't say to begin with that they were in a wagon, but still don't think it would take 6 hours.

I have a good bear story. The father of the men that own Payson concrete had the only bear rug with no bullet holes in it. He roped a bear and when it started to charge his horse a man with him roped the hind legs and they ended up choking the bear to death. I am sure one of the boys still have the rug. He didn't really mean to rope it, was goofing around. Don't think he ever tried roping any more wild animals.


Pat Randall 21 hours, 44 minutes ago on 227 The Question Is.... Experimental drugs.

Be careful when you get a prescription. Read all the cautions in the package before taking it. I was given one by a hospitalist in Mesa but was to tired to get it when I got back to Payson so was going to fill it the next morning. Thankfully one of the drs. from the cardiology office I go to in Mesa called about 7 in the morning and said don't take one of those pills. I asked why and he said I would not take the second one. Hospitalists are the worse thing the medical profession has come up with. One dr does not have time to read the complete charts of all the patients in the hospital. I don't know why that dr. was reading mine but Thank God he was.


Pat Randall 22 hours, 20 minutes ago on Old but interesting news.


Are you talking about the owner of the cleaners Mr. Drury or Mr. Hirani that owned the shopping center? Yes I saw the article. The cleaners should have been closed down long ago for trying to rob their customers. I took one clean drape in to have pressed and when I went to pick it up the price was $47.00. Normal size drape. Had 20 creases to be pressed could have been done in less than 10 minutes. I can not stand long enough to iron it my self and a regular ironing board is to small. I told her to keep it and I would take out an ad in the paper to tell people about it. Started to walk out and the women behind the counter said to just take the drape, no charge. When I got it home, looked like a 2 year old might have tried pressing it.


Pat Randall 1 day, 16 hours ago on 225 The Question Is.... Guns in city hall.

Ronald. People were not as crazy 50 or 60 yrs. ago. Think maybe marijuana and the other drugs have anything to do with it today? .


Pat Randall 1 day, 19 hours ago on 219 The Question Is.... Westerns.

Tom, They must have been crawling, a horse would get them from the Natural Bridge to Payson in less time than 6 hours. Didn't you read in the paper where those kids walked from Fossil creek road to Polles Mesa ?


Pat Randall 1 day, 20 hours ago on 225 The Question Is.... Guns in city hall.

Ronald I have 3 fire extinguishers in my house, one in my bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in a small hallway that goes to two other bedrooms and bathroom. Check them often to see if they are still on full charge or whatever. I am not dictating to anyone, just want them to stay away from me with a gun. A business that is privately owned should have the right to say if guns are allowed or not. Also the same with smoking. At the bank I didn't say anything to anyone about the gun. I LEFT.


Pat Randall 1 day, 22 hours ago on 225 The Question Is.... Guns in city hall.

I was in one of the lines at the Valley Bank here many years ago when a man walked in with his hand on a gun in a holster and got into the other line. I stepped out of line went to my car and left. A few hours later I went back to do my banking. Coward ? Yes, I don't trust anyone except law enforcement that walks into a public building with a gun. No d--n reason for it ! Yes. I own a gun, but only carry it in my car when I am traveling out of town. Yes I do know how to use it. (:


Pat Randall 1 day, 23 hours ago on Fraud arrest

Don, The county only takes cash. I paid $500.00 bail for an employee many yrs. ago. He was released from jail in Payson but Mesa had a warrant for him. The county sent the bail money to Mesa and when he was released there they gave him my money. Never saw him or the money again. Gila County should not have transferred my money as he was released from them and the receipt was made out to me. Be careful if you ever bail anyone out!!!!