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Pat Randall 5 minutes ago on 594 IYC Crazy drug policy?

Ronald, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I don't believe all drug users or long time users can be changed, but if you get them at the beginning some can be changed. The parents that do drugs with their kids should be hung. Saving one out of ten would effect many people. Most users have some kind of family that is hurting for them. From personal experience I can tell you, it can be stopped once in awhile if the threat of what will happen if they continue is harsh enough.

I know as a paramedic you have seen it all. I am not being sarcastic, my son told me stories that were almost unbelievable about calls he went on in Mesa in the 1970's and 80's. Mesa was a fairly small town then, under 60,000 people. Not at all like it is now. I don't travel around after dark down there now and some places in the old part I won't go in the daytime. Very Sad !


Pat Randall 41 minutes ago on Hospital ER wait times drop, patient count rises

Barbara, Got out my records and had spent the night in the hospital on the 27th but still no dr. I had a Nuclear stress two days last month on the 18 and 19th. All is ok. I do not like the newer system with 'hospitalists.' That is how I lost my husband. Wrong medicine. They read the first page of your records and that is that. In the hospital in Mesa they gave me a prescription to have filled later. When I got back to Payson I was to tired to pick it up. The next morning at 7:00 AM one of the drs. from the group I go to in Mesa called and said, don't take one of those pills. I asked why and his answer was you won't take a second one. Thank God, he was going over the records from the day before. Now when I get a prescription I look it up on the internet to see if I can take it with the pills I already take without some reaction. You have to be careful because some drugs have 2 or 3 different names if they are from a different co.


Pat Randall 6 hours, 58 minutes ago on 594 IYC Crazy drug policy?

Instead of letting first time users go free under probation is a joke. Lock them up the first time for at least two years, counsel or whatever it takes to change their mind then let them out. Slapping their hands the first few times is a joke. I saw kids at the court house here in Payson waiting to see their probation officers. Half of them were laughing about their probation officers. They know they are going right back out and do the same thing thinking they are smarter than the law. Next they will be dealing to get their illegal drugs or faking more pain to get prescriptions.


Pat Randall 7 hours, 13 minutes ago on 594 IYC Crazy drug policy?

Charles, I don't want young or old drug users or drunks out on the highway with me and I don't want to live in fear someone is going to break into my home to rob or kill me for what they may believe I have there to sell to buy drugs. I have seen many drunks as I owned the Punkin Center Bar for 6 yrs. Was there every day Have been around people who were addicted to narcotics. Neither a pretty sight. The medical profession starts a lot of good people on the downhill slide. Give them a pill, to cover a pain, don't look for the cause. One Tylenol every other day is my choice of drugs. I am in very much pain from injuries to my back. It radiates down my arms and legs. But I have seen what happens to people when they start on prescription drugs for pain. They require more and more as it turns into a mind thing instead of pain. Not a pretty thing to see. They will do anything to get more.


Pat Randall 15 hours, 32 minutes ago on 594 IYC Crazy drug policy?

Drug users do ruin their families lives. By marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs or whatever. Either by dying or turning to crime to feed their habit. There are many drunks people do not see out in public. There are many elderly retirees that start drinking as soon as their feet hit the floor in the morning. They think they don't have anything better to and are bored so hit the bottle to forget.


Pat Randall 23 hours, 25 minutes ago on Faded but still strong

Faded, ripped or dirty. It needs to be taken down. It should not be left out in the rain or snow. It is great that you keep it lit at night.


Pat Randall 23 hours, 32 minutes ago on Hospital ER wait times drop, patient count rises

Barbara. I am sorry you had a heart attack and am not blaming any of the patients. I was taken in by paramedics with a possible heart attack. There were patients in the aisles and hallway. Someone should have called in back up Drs.


Pat Randall 23 hours, 40 minutes ago on Celebrate ranching and the holidays

Bruce go to the auction in Globe and buy one of the animals. Have it butchered and wrapped. No big deal if you really want good beef. Maybe you could visit one of the ranches and buy a beef there..