Pat Randall

Pat Randall 10 hours, 15 minutes ago on 373 TQI Who's dumping trash in the forest?

Wonder where all the junk goes when the Town cleans up their storage yards? Bent culverts, chunks of concrete and what not. Don't know why they haul it back to the yards and scatter it around in there taking up space.


Pat Randall 2 days, 7 hours ago on Forest Service gears up for another trashy weekend

Back in the 1980's when we were going to Roosevelt Lake every weekend I saw a motor home dump the toilet on the beach. Took his motorhome license plate, make, color and also his pickup. Took the information to the FS and sheriffs dept. When I followed up on it, was told it was a rented motor home, which I had told them and they didn't have time to track it down. So much for being a good do be.
The FS just want to drive around in their pickups with their badges and guns since they are now allowed to, but not get out of their vehicle and do anything. They are a joke. The most overpaid, underworked employees in the govt.


Pat Randall 2 days, 8 hours ago on 371 Care to join me in a few heartfelt words?

Tom, Riding a horse in a lightning storm is not good either. You should get off and walk. Let go of the reins and hope the horse stays with you. My husband's uncle was struck by lightning while on a horse at the Natural Bridge. He was hurt but not killed.

God bless and help Christine's family too.


Pat Randall 2 days, 14 hours ago on 364 The Question Is.... High school drug use.

Mr. Lemon, More studies are not going to help. The plan of attack should have been in force many years ago. I have 5 grandkids that graduated from HS in Payson. The oldest is 41 and the youngest 23, There were drugs in the middle school and high school when they were attending school. No, they didn't use drugs but they were to offered them.