Pat Randall

Pat Randall 10 hours, 39 minutes ago on Contractor

I saw a couple of ads in the newspaper today but don't know anything about them. It is a start. Call and ask them who they have done work for, then call them to see if the job was done right.


Pat Randall 10 hours, 51 minutes ago on 885 Do you find this as scary as I do?

Lack of water. Have you noticed how many lawns have died or been taken out of Payson? Saving water for the college?


Pat Randall 14 hours, 39 minutes ago on Payson neighbors fret about bed and breakfast plan

Sorry, keep hitting the wrong key..
All the homeowners were not sent a notice for the meeting. Only people within 300 ft. received one. And I didn't receive one, the people living In my house received it. Does that say anything for the way things are done?


Pat Randall 14 hours, 47 minutes ago on Payson neighbors fret about bed and breakfast plan

I was unable to attend the meeting, but am definitely against it. Did anyone look at the original restrictions on this one street subdivision? No lots to be split and no commercial if I remember right. Is the town now overruling subdivision restrictions? How many on the council or planning and zoning have read the restrictions, and how many want a bed and breakfast on their street? I own the 3rd house from this lot and don't like the idea at all !

The people may have lived in Payson for 20 yrs, but not there. They have probably owned it less than a year. Why didn't they use their prior home for a bed and breakfast?


Pat Randall 17 hours, 58 minutes ago on Fatal Fossil Creek confusion

People have to learn to look after themselves and not expect other people to take care of them. Who is Pariso? Does he work for the FS or was he visiting the falls? I am confused by the story.
One place he was meeting a friend then another he said the FS should put up signs and seemed he worked for them. No one should have to put up signs anywhere. If people don't know the territory, stay out of it.
Taxpayers are having to pay for the stupidity of other people. ANYONE being rescued should have to pay ALL expense for it. There are accidents and there are stupid people. Big difference. Tear up the trails and put up No Trespassing signs with a hefty fine if caught inside.