Pat Randall

Pat Randall 2 days, 19 hours ago on Fire department gets creative

Susan, It was definitely a jab at you ! Wait until you are old and can't get around to do the things you do now. Maybe you will have a better attitude.

John, I am trying to be nice.


Pat Randall 2 days, 23 hours ago on Fire department gets creative

Susan, You are lucky. You must still be able to climb on a ladder and change your batteries.. A lot of people are unable to climb a ladder. I have never called to have mine changed as I have family that can do it. I am not tall enough to reach them even if I climbed a ladder which I can still do at 78 yrs old . I change my own light bulbs that I can reach.
As you know there are a lot of retired people living here that don't have family and their friends are all about the same age. So no help there. A lot of them live on retirement which isn't much for some of them so they are unable to hire someone. Why don't you volunteer to change the alarms or batteries for them? Put your phone number on here and in the Roundup. I am sure it would be appreciated.

Think about this. it is cheaper and safer for the fire dept. to change batteries than to go on a call for a house on fire with people in it.


Pat Randall 3 days ago on Mesa del resident battles water company

Kathie, Don't you think the residents of Mesa del should pay on the Craigin pipeline? They will be using water from it won't they? Why should we in Payson pay all the costs? I know the Town of Payson water dept. is strange. We can't have lawns but Chaparral gets water for their golf course and when we were asked to conserve water Payson was selling it for Mesa del users. I think you and I have different meanings for power brokers.


Pat Randall 3 days ago on Only prisons escape state budget woes

Mr. Rhea, What kind of lawsuits and why? I don't think prisoners should be mistreated BUT they could sort of pay their own way being there if they did a little work instead of being waited on. The exercise would do them good. Sitting in front of TVs all day or what ever they do isn't helping them. They live better than a lot of people that don't commit crimes.


Pat Randall 3 days, 23 hours ago on America’s longest war

Why not get rid of people when they reach the age of retirement or are not working? They cost the working people, with retirement pay, SS and other freebies they get.


Pat Randall 3 days, 23 hours ago on Only prisons escape state budget woes

Why aren't prisons run like they were 50 or 60 yrs. ago when the prisoners at Florence did the cleaning, cooking, farming and didn't sit in their cells all day being waited on? And I think they made license plates. Sure some of them have to be locked in at all times but not all. Think of the money that would save. They are treated better than people in assisted living or nursing homes. Something wrong with this picture.


Pat Randall 3 days, 23 hours ago on Mesa del resident battles water company

What does Smith think he will accomplish if he gets to see the records? A million dollars settlement or what? Maybe he likes being on the front page of the paper? He has probably spent enough money on attorneys to pay his water bill for many years. I had $80.00 hauling fees in Pine for three months and the water was turned off on my side of the meter. NO one was using water or living in the house.
I don't understand why he doesn't give it up. Either pay or move.