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Pat Randall 1 day, 5 hours ago on 517 IYC Do you think we should allow public ownership of dangerous snakes?

There should not be any kind of permit for allowing deadly snakes or anything else that would harm the public if loose. I don't understand all the degrees of murder or homicide, but go for the longest sentence possible. I was almost struck by a Rattler when about 5 yrs. old, but our best cattle dog ran behind me and killed it. The snake struck the dog and he died 3 days later. Leaves a lasting impression on you.

Pat kills all snakes she sees. Don't care what size, color or breed. A double barrel shot gun would be first choice for the Cobra, with a pocket full of shells. Have something in front of me so pellets wouldn't bounce back and hit me. Call the police. Time to scream and cry after the snake is gone. If any shells left may go after the owner. Killed my first 5 ft. Rattlesnake when about 12 yrs. old on South McLane.


Pat Randall 1 day, 12 hours ago on Pot dispensary owners in bitter civil war

Bruce, I think there are a lot of good people in Payson that agrees with you. Getting rid of Herbs and all of the sign swingers on the highway. Also the so called temporary signs stuck in the ground everywhere on the highway and around the C of C building. As I said before, Payson has become a junky town. No enforcement of ordinances, they only change the ordinances for what they don't enforce. The signs and letting Herbs stay open longer is going to be voted on real soon by the council if they haven't already done it. Really poor leadership we have had by the mayor. If I was a tourist I wouldn't sow down coming thru town.


Pat Randall 2 days, 1 hour ago on 471 The Question Is.... Religious accommodation.

Tom, Going off the track again. (: I liked the world a lot better while I was growing up. Men took off their cap or hat when they entered a building. It has been years since I have seen a hat rack in a restaurant. Cowboys always tipped their hats when meeting a woman. Men opened doors for women. Stood up when a woman entered the room. Believe it or not this was here in Payson. Where have all the gentlemen gone?

After the half dressed, foul talking, women who want to be treated like a man and work in jobs where they don't belong.

I could change my own flat tires on a car when I was 12 yrs. old but really liked it when a man stopped to help. I still like it when a few men open doors for me, and I never forget to say Thank You.


Pat Randall 2 days, 8 hours ago on Pot dispensary owners in bitter civil war

Yes Mike, lets bring more crap to Payson. It should be named Junk and Pot City instead of Cool Mountain Town or whatever it is now. When Herbs moved in, it was said they didn't want to make money only help the sick and hurting people. HAH

Herbs is not the only place in town dealing with marijuana and some of the other drugs. Something needs to be done here and soon or no one will be safe. Drive around and see the houses that have four or five new automobiles parked around them, but no one seems to work and the houses they are parked at are junk yards. Then all of a sudden they are all gone with the junk left there.

The town needs a clean up ordinance and enforce it. Clean up the property and get rid of the residents, either jail or move them out. Certainly not the town I grew up in.


Pat Randall 2 days, 8 hours ago on Preparing for the worst

Mr. Barto. Where did you get your information about the shooting in Flagstaff being the result of an earlier fight?


Pat Randall 3 days, 4 hours ago on 471 The Question Is.... Religious accommodation.

Tom, Danica Patrick is also a beautiful model. She has made enough money doing that so that she is able to race cars. Not to bad a race car driver either. Believe me the men drivers don't give her any slack. She fights for every lap she makes on the track.


Pat Randall 3 days, 4 hours ago on 476 The Question Is.... Hospital food.

Tom, If any of you ever spent any time in a kitchen in a hospital or restaurant you would never eat in one again. The employees don't wash their hands after going to the restroom for one thing. Don't keep their tables clean where they prepare food and I could go on and on. Stand around and pick their nose is another good one. Enjoy your next meal out. (:


Pat Randall 3 days, 10 hours ago on Pot dispensary owners in bitter civil war

If Tiffany didn't go into the business to make money why did she give her self a salary of $150,000? Deal with a drug dealer and see what happens. The town should close it down NOW.


Pat Randall 4 days ago on 471 The Question Is.... Religious accommodation.

Ronald, I like the way you tell it like it is.

I don't think female reporters should be allowed in male sports teams locker rooms. I don't like listening to them announcing at NASCAR races either but I think it is great that Danica Patrick races, that is different. I know, off the subject again. There are places where men and women should not be doing the same jobs.