Pat Randall

Pat Randall 3 days, 19 hours ago on 194 The Question Is.... Plea bargains.

He should have said he didn't understand it and asked questions. I think he is guilty and knows it but thinks the jury can be swayed to set him free. I don't think it is the responsibility of anyone to explain a contract. It is usually written by what the parties want written. They don't have to sign it. Yes, I wrote contracts for 23 yrs. when I sold Real Estate. Never had a problem with any of them. Not all were accepted, but they were written the way the people wanted.


Pat Randall 3 days, 19 hours ago on 189 The Question Is.... Deputy shoots dog.

I can't type it again and don't know how to move it. So in a few words the man should have been fired and prosecuted. He broke much worse laws than having a dog running loose. Seems he is a loose cannon running around with a badge and guns. He will probably be transferred somewhere else. I know from experience the county is not to particular who they hire for some of their deputies. Two of them were in Punkin Center when I lived down there. One threw a glass of ice tea in my face out side the bar door, because I told him he couldn't come outside with a open container. All that happened to him he couldn't come in to my restaurant or bar for a year. I should have filed assault charges against him.


Pat Randall 4 days, 13 hours ago on 191 The Question Is.... School lockdowns.

The schools are busy watching out for the kids and all parents can't be called, so don't call any. How many are watching the website to know it? If they hear about it they should stay away from the school. Less confusion. Notify the parents when they can pick up the kids after it is over.


Pat Randall 4 days, 20 hours ago on Deputy shoots neighborhood dog as children watch

Thanks Nancy, Glad someone else posted. I think it is an outrage that a so called sheriffs department gun safety officer would do something like he did, or anyone else for that matter. I think there is a state law about firing a gun near houses. Guess he thinks the badge gives him the right. What was his wife doing while something or someone was killing the chickens. Chickens make a lot of noise when something is going on around them. A coyote could have killed them. Kill a pet, get a weeks vacation !


Pat Randall 5 days, 18 hours ago on 185 The Questions Is.... Benefits cards.

Tom, What do you think of the people standing on the corner with a sign, need money for food, while standing there with new Nike shoes, a Big Gulp in one hand, cigarette in the other and when they get tired standing there walk about 50 feet and get into a car newer than yours and drive away? I know it should have been in more than one long sentence. (: If I stay home to cook then so can the ones that have food stamps paid for with my money.


Pat Randall 5 days, 18 hours ago on 186 The Question Is.... Daylight savings — again?

Tom, In Arizona farmers also work at night in the dark. We had an alfalfa field and I was driving a tractor one morning at 2 A.M. baling hay. Of course there aren't many farmers now as they have sold their land for subdivisions. So the water now goes to them instead of crops. We buy from other countries.


Pat Randall 5 days, 21 hours ago on Why law enforcement gets a bad name.

Regarding the article about the deputy shooting a dog in Young. How to set a good example? This is what gives the law enforcement officers a bad name.

Come home from teaching a gun safety class and shoot a neighbors dog. If this had been an ordinary citizen bet he would have been arrested immediately. Did anyone see the dog kill the chickens? Maybe it was another dog. On a six acre parcel of land there could have been other dogs not seen. Did he ask any of the 17 people if they saw the dog kill the chickens or just start shooting? Then he didn't have the guts to tell the owner face to face, picked up the phone and called her. Is this the kind of deputies the county hires or is he the exception??

He should have been fired immediately and all guns taken from him and not allowed to own any. People like him are the ones that shouldn't be allowed to own guns.