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Pat Randall 4 days, 12 hours ago on Fire budget woes

Ronald, I heard quite a few stories from my son. One old lady called about three times a week to lift her husband off the toilet because she couldn't. They finally had to stop her. I have the greatest respect for firemen. I am surprised so many of them stay on the job long enough to get retirement. The things they see and do to help people besides putting out fires.


Pat Randall 4 days, 16 hours ago on 559 The Question Is.... Buck jumps through windows? Why?

Tom, I have been told they shed their horns every year and grow a new rack each season. Don't know if that is true. Never checked it.


Pat Randall 4 days, 19 hours ago on 582 The Question Is..... Illegals pouring into Europe.

I had one spanking in my life and never forgot it. My mother had ordered me a pair of little white boots like majorettes wore. It had rained and she told me not to go outside in them. Well, I went outside and stepped in a flower bed that had just had the dirt loosened up before the rain. The mud came up over the top of one and I couldn't get out of the mud with the boot on as it was stuck. Walked back into the house with one muddy boot on. She spanked me and threw the boots away. Don't know which did the most good, the spanking or loosing the boots, but I never forgot it. That was 74 yrs. ago.


Pat Randall 4 days, 20 hours ago on Fire budget woes

I have thought for many yrs. there should be a charge for the fire dept. medical calls. A lot of people call them for minor things that don't require a paramedic or going to a hospital. But it is free. My son was a paramedic in Mesa and I could not believe the calls they went on. A clerk at a Circle K called them for a paper cut on her finger and they had many other stupid calls. A waste of time and money when they could have been on a life threatening call. They started calling an ambulance on the calls and the people had to pay for them even if they didn't use them. Cut down on a lot of their first aid calls.


Pat Randall 4 days, 20 hours ago on Charter plans

I was on Granite Dells road this morning before I read the paper. WOW! What a snarled up mess of traffic it will be if the road isn't changed. There is barely room for two cars. Someone is playing mind games. Hope they can sleep at night.

This whole thing stinks. Land was supposed to be used for ASU. Not a pay as you go elementary school. I didn't see enough level land to build a house on, little own a school and everything the paper says will be built.


Pat Randall 5 days, 15 hours ago on 582 The Question Is..... Illegals pouring into Europe.

The way it is now, is like parents telling their kids to do something and start counting but don't do anything if the kid doesn't mind by the time they get thru counting. A plastic fly swatter to the leg or rear is better than wasting your breath counting all day.

I know, now all of you start screaming child abuse.


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I am really sorry all this started. I believe in Freedom Of Religion. Just don't argue about it. I don't care how anyone else believes as long as they don't try to work on me. As I said before I belong to the LDS church. I do not attend but pray direct to my God. My best friend was Catholic. Before becoming a Catholic, she was LDS. Her choice to change. Did I care. NO I have friends that belong to all different churches and we don't have a problem. I have some that don't belong to any church. Live and let live. I have a person who is a Jehovah's Witness visit me and enjoy hearing what he has to say. Does that make me a bad Mormon? No ! You men need to get off your religious high horses.


Pat Randall 5 days, 16 hours ago on 559 The Question Is.... Buck jumps through windows? Why?

Rutting season and he saw his reflection and was going to run off the other deer. (: He thought it was in his territory and wanted him out. A scientist you may be but, well I don't know how to finish the sentence.

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