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The golf courses are supposed to be using reclaimed water and Chaparral was supposed to have their own wells but most of all that went away. One man holding all the power does as he darn well pleases. One of these days you are going to have to come and see the original contracts that were torn up and then changed. I don't know if Carol Cox was still here when you came to Pine. She did a lot of research and printed it. She had her own little paper.

C. is where all the gravel got placed in yards. Who wants to mow weeds if they can't water the grass that will come up in their place? Dead grass doesn't look any better than weeds.

It is easier to buy the Town Ordinance book, but you have to watch for changes after every council meeting. The Journigan House restaurant has misters in the front patio area or did have last year. I could drive thru town in one day and get at least five hundred things that are illegal according to the ordinance and no one enforces anything, not even when a complaint is made. Been there done that. So what happened, the ordinance was changed. .


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Why waste money buying them paper and pen to write it on, and have to feed and clothe them while they are doing it? My way is faster and much less expensive.


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The Phoenix area uses very little water from the CAP. Check it out if you don't believe me. Most goes on down to Tucson and probably on to Mexico. Not sure where it goes from Tucson. There is very little farming in Ariz. anymore and the water is not fit to drink. Some idiot from Tucson tried to tell me one time that the water from the CAP was going to be piped to Roosevelt Lake. She knew that because her husband was an attorney in Tucson and he told her so. Some people will believe anything. Most people that live here now are from somewhere else and have no clue about the mountains or anything else in Ariz. If it doesn't rain or snow Cragin will not have water. Think people, don't believe everything you read, get out and travel around the state. See things for your self. In 1952 cattle were dropping dead from lack of water down around Bisbee and Douglas. Yes, I saw it, as my father in-law lost a lot of cattle because of lack of water. Not enough water to haul to them and all the tanks were dried up.


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Diane I never said anything about race. You are the one that keeps bringing it up.

Don, If you want to go into a Mormon Temple, join the church and do the things required to be able to go in. You have the freedom to belong to any church you want. Not the freedom to change their beliefs. O.K.?


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Yes, Tom, I can believe it about your yard in Phoenix. No you cannot plant a lawn in Payson. If there is any there you better not water it. Almost anywhere in Arizona you can run water and Bermuda grass will come up. But you better not do it in Payson. The town gives you a book when you get a building permit about what you can and cannot plant. But it seems that is another ordinance they don't enforce. Depends on who you know, and if they like you or not. Of course you can drill your own well and they can't do anything about that.


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Robin, Why is everything in Payson wrong because of Walmart? The dress code went to H--- long before Walmart came here. It has to do with bad parenting and no guts at the schools. Parents and teachers need to set an example. It isn't only in Payson. The way the teachers dressed in Mesa and Gilbert was disgusting for the most part. Hats should not be worn in school first of all. Shorts should not be worn in the classroom along with spaghetti straps on girls or pants on boys with the crotch hanging below their knees and their underwear showing at the waist. And Walmart is spelled with an m not n.


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It doesn't take a genius to see if a mudslide has happened once it will happen again. There are going to be some more on the Beeline sooner or later in the same places they have happened before on Slate Creek hill and other places. Also on highway 260. It is only a matter of time and weather.


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Tom, The natural gravel I grew up with here in Payson is not what they put in yards here. It was not sharp had not been put thru a crusher. There is a big difference. There is different size gravel in different yards. Not all the same size. How did you miss that? I can't walk on it. It cuts my feet. Walking on dirt is good for your health. I am going to have to go out somewhere they have not put gravel in a yard and walk on it. It is round from millions of years of weather. I am very serious. Ask Robert about the different gravel.