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Pat Randall 5 days, 22 hours ago on 290 The Question Is…. Who is APS kidding?

Back to the Solar part. What are all these people going to do when something goes wrong with their solar and the fly by night installers are no longer in business? I have seen quite a few different companies that are installing and bet they will soon be gone. If I were going to have it installed I would do a really good background check on the company. First off, how long have they been in business, and where is their main office?


Pat Randall 6 days, 18 hours ago on Arizona State Credit Union to close local branch

Back to the parking lot. I have been banking at the Credit Union for years. Never had a problem with the parking lot until Carl's moved in. About the second week some idiot backed into my car. Since it is on private property had to pay for the repair my self. Got it out of the shop and about a month later a pickup backed all the way across the Walgreens parking lot and got me again still in my parking space.
Doesn't anyone use mirrors or turn signals anymore? Guess not, to busy with the cell phones.


Pat Randall 6 days, 20 hours ago on 322 The Question Is.... New jobs.

Tom and Charles. You probably would not believe how many people from Payson, Pine and even Strawberry that drive to the Valley every day to work. I knew a man in Strawberry that drove to General Motors proving grounds near Williamsfield every work day for 5 yrs. My daughter in-law drove to Phoenix every work day for about 5 yrs. when they first moved to Payson from Mesa. If people really want to work they will find a way. They can't all earn $25.00 dollars an hour but they won't be living off the rest of the people who do work or their last employers unemployment insurance. In spite of what a lot of people think an employee does not pay one cent into the unemployment insurance. That is a cost to the employer.


Pat Randall 1 week ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

Once the F.S. sells it they have no more say unless it is written in the contract.

The airport was bought for an airport. I was talking about all the ordinances, restrictions or what ever was put on the land surrounding the air strip which was subdivided with restrictions. I may still have a copy but when I moved I got rid of a lot of things. 7 large boxes of information of what has gone on in Payson since they incorporated.


Pat Randall 1 week ago on 322 The Question Is.... New jobs.

They don't want to have to go to work, so they say the new business won't help the unemployed here. They would rather sit and draw unemployment. If the people living here really can't get a job why don't they leave and look for a job?

I have two grandsons that couldn't find work for awhile so one is working on the Navajo reservation and the other one is working on a reservation in New Mexico. Long ways from home but they are working for a good wage.


Pat Randall 1 week, 1 day ago on Goodbye peaceful Payson

Wonderful questions Mr. White. I hope you get an answer, I never did. I think most of the students at Gila College are seniors paying a lower tuition to attend, painting, knitting etc. Some do take computer classes but it doesn't support the collage. Bet ASU won't do that.


Pat Randall 1 week, 1 day ago on Arizona State Credit Union to close local branch

Yes, it is to bad they are moving. I have banked there several years and really liked the ladies that worked there. I will miss them.

If you are transferring your accounts be careful. I had a "temporary" male manager and he closed one account he wasn't supposed to. Guess what, my check I gave to open an account at another bank bounced !!

Embarrassment you wouldn't believe. I went in today to the Credit Union and a lady straightened it out including calling my new bank and explained what happened.


Pat Randall 1 week, 2 days ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

About the zoning, the town will zone it educational then later after it is sold they will start rezoning it how ever they want to. That is how most of the zoning in town has been done. If not there is a lot of illegal things going on at the airport.


Pat Randall 1 week, 3 days ago on 291 It's Your Call Rezoning of campus site.

Kathie, My granddad came to Payson in 1898, both my parents were raised here, I was raised here. My husband's granddad came to Pine when he was 6 yrs. old. My father in-law and husband were born and raised in Pine. I had to absorb a little bit of history. It isn't like I moved here 20 yrs. ago and started making up history and writing books. When I went to F.S. to ask permission to paint Payson Rock the ranger had never heard of it either.