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Pat Ferre 3 years, 7 months ago on Don’t get a smart meter

Dear Shirley,

What you can do is contact the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and let them know about your concerns. Their toll free phone number is Toll Free 800-222-7000.

You can also read about people that have posted comments about the same issues you are interested in on the ACC website:

  • type 13-0069 in the Search box to view the opt-out APS APPLICATION docket or
  • type 11-0328 in the Search box to view the generic Smart Meter docket Select the Documents tab. Click on the PDF tab for the document you wish to view.

The ACC has put out a last call request, for customers to please submit any comments such as yours, about biological concerns related to digital, wireless 'smart' meters, to Docket #E-00000C-11-0328, before June 28th when the docket closes.

Commissioners will be deciding on whether 'smart' meters are harmful based on what the people say. I think it is a dangerous position for them to take: they should have done their own research BEFORE they allowed the widespread installation of so many meters! Delegating responsibility to the likes of you and me, after the widespread installation of 'smart' meters, that can be harmful, cause cancer, genetic damage and neurological damage, is not really responsible!


Pat Ferre 3 years, 7 months ago on Smart meters — yes or no?

Alan Kline's comment is astute in his concern about our society's general negligence relating to the use of hazardous baby monitors, microwave ovens, and wifi or bluetooth wireless systems. Ignorant perhaps, but these choices are voluntary and don't continuously expose the entire living environment to pulsed microwaves in areas that can exceed 125,000 square miles!

So called 'smart' meters are part of an AMI wireless mesh network system that is forced on us: we have no choice in the matter! We are the guinea pigs! There has never been a NEPA environmental impact study on the long term effects of continuous pulsed microwaves. The mesh network is a blanket of pulsed radiation that affects all plants, animals and people with the kind of radiation the Russians used on our US Embassy in Moscow during the Cold War, causing sickness and the deaths of three consecutive Ambassadors! Yes, we can opt-out of smart meters, but we can't opt-out of the 'smart" AMI grid! Neither can the trees in our forest, our wildlife, bees, babies, children and senior citizens!


Pat Ferre 3 years, 8 months ago on APS smart meters frighten protesters

A recent conversation ended with the question: What laws regulate APS and the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)? Here are 3 Arizona Revised Statutes: the first relates to APS and the other two relate to the regulatory responsibility of the Corporation Commissioners. Interesting that it is actually the responsibility for both APS and the ACC, to adequately promote our health, safety, and the safety of APS equipment and appliances ('smart' meters).

Who would have thought that we are being protected against deceptive, unfair and abusive business practices and abusive or deceptive marketing and advertising practices?

I have yet to see APS clearly tell the public about the harm their potentially lethal 'smart' automated meters cause us. Continuously pulsing microwave wireless technology can 'smartly' ping our cells 190,000 times a day while our utility tells us it is only 875.0 seconds a day! They add up the minute pings, that have the power to split off double strands of DNA, but the utility can claim it is only 14 minutes a day! Pulsed microsecond pings harm the cells of our entire living environment, continuously. No off switch! Jerry Flynn has an interesting video on

• A.R.S. 40-361.B – Every public service corporation shall furnish and maintain such service, equipment and facilities as will promote the safety, health, comfort and convenience of its patrons, employees and the public, and as will be in all respects adequate, efficient and reasonable.

• A.R.S. 40-321.A – When the commission finds that the equipment, appliances, facilities or service of any public service corporation, or the methods of manufacture, distribution, transmission, storage or supply employed by it, are unjust, unreasonable, unsafe, improper, inadequate or insufficient, the commission shall determine what is just, reasonable, safe, proper, adequate or sufficient, and shall enforce its determination by order or regulation.

• A.R.S. 40-202.C.1 – Protect the public against deceptive, unfair and abusive business practices, practices related to deposit requirements and reconnection fees, intrusive and abusive marketing, deceptive or untrue advertising practices and practices prohibited under subsection H of this section.


Pat Ferre 3 years, 8 months ago on APS smart meters frighten protesters

Read Your Own Meters From the cost point of view, for APS electrical customers, the most safe and least expensive electrical solution for us, is to keep our existing hardy and safe analog meters and for APS to agree to activate the discretionary Arizona Revised Statute: "A.A.C. R14-2-209.A.1 – Each utility, billing entity, or Meter Reading Service Provider may at its discretion allow for customer reading of meters."

Some people will love to reduce their utility bills by taking on the responsibility to read their own meters. Others will choose to keep their meter readers. APS customers that want to read their own meters, must let APS and the ACC know through public comment! We need to communicate enough interest for APS and the ACC to hear us, and move in the direction we request. Even though the statute says we can, it also says at the "discretion" of the utility. So act now and spread the word!

We can certainly make our wishes known to APS and to it's regulatory agency, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The ACC is currently open for public comment on 'smart' meter 'Opt-Out' issues. Reading our own meters relates to the monthly service costs APS wants to charge us for so called, "Opt-Out". If we read our own meters, APS can not reasonably charge us for that service.

The ACC Utilities Division can be reached by phone at: Toll Free 1-800-222-7000 and Phoenix Office: (602) 542-4251. A free Public Comment solution is available to us, through selecting the green 'Public Comment' button on The ACC Docket number to place in the form is: E-01345A-13-0069. A quick way to view APS' APPLICATION, (The ACC can still alter or deny these requests), is at: To view additional comments on this eDocket, go to and type in the last 6 digits of the docket in the Search by Number box: 13-0069.


Pat Ferre 3 years, 8 months ago on APS smart meters frighten protesters

Pat, the information you give sounds like you are taking responsibility for being informed and respecting the sound advice you have received. That and a healthy dose of common sense will serve you well. You did well in respecting your own needs and not remaining with a doctor who was not prepared to support you in the way that you need.

Regarding APS' plan to install 'smart' automated meters in Payson and the Rim area, starting early in July, I suggest you "Opt-Out" way before that happens. Like now!

Keep your safe analog meter.

An analog meter is a mechanical meter. It is the kind with mechanical little dials and a mechanical horizontal plate that rotates. Analog meters Do Not emanate the pulsed microwave radiation, that is implicated in causing biological harm from wireless digital 'smart' meters. If you already have health problems stay away from a technology that can cause you more harm.

If you are one of the lucky people in Arizona who still has an analog meter, do everything you possibly can to keep it! Best is to write a certified letter saying that you want to keep your safe analog meter, and do not consent to a 'smart' automated meter. Keep the signed certified return receipt with a copy of your letter as proof of service. Some people post an additional reminder for installation staff near their analog meter.