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Tom, Just some history. What Kyle is saying is true. He was basically told he had to go to the middle school to teach math, though he had no experience teaching at the middle school level. It was a vindictive act. Kyle said, "Fine, I'll go somewhere else and teach math." and moved. Less than a year later the high school was posting for a math teacher. Fortunately the individual who engineered it was demoted and is now gone. Just a bit too late. I supervised Kyle for five years. He was and is an outstanding geometry teacher. Probably the best I've ever supervised in the area of teaching geometry. PHS losing him was grievous. Especially in light of the fact that he was run out.
here is the amazing thing. Kyle is retiring at the end of this year. He still has ties here. He could legally come back and teacher math under Smart Schools. However, I don't think he would consider it because of the way he was treated.


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I am not a part of ALA and am not for or against it, nor am I LDS, however I feel compelled to clarify here. ALA being owned by people who belong to the LDS church does not make it an LDS school. It is not any more an LDS institution than a charter school owned by a person who is a member of a Baptist church or the Catholic church. The state will not approve a sectarian charter. Be assured, a charter school would be taking a huge risk by advocating for a specific church or religion, or by hiring according to a person's religious persuasion.


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Thank you Paul, Gary, Sanja and Richard for all of your hard work and perseverance. The future is exciting!


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Yay! Kudos with the vision, the faith, the drive and the endurance. Can't wait to see the next Step.


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Thank you Pat. I appreciate you. Really though, at this stage in my life i'm enjoying some business opportunities and am not attracted to the bureaucracy or a college. I just think it would be a good stimulus for the reasons above. Take care.


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Hello, sorry I have been out and about on business. I have no inside information. As I said before, I believe a four year college would do a great service to the people of Payson. I believe it would be an economic stimulus. As well, it would provide academic opportunities for recent secondary graduates and people seeking second career opportunities. Finally, I believe it would provide economic stimulus to small businesses that cater to a younger crowd.
I believe that Payson is on the brink of tremendous opportunities with the combination of the Banner Health purchase, the water acquisition and a University.
Once again, kudos to those who continue to courageously cast a vision and pursue these goals in the face of the vocal naysayers. Finally, though I am hesitant to dignify Mr. Evans juvenile quip with any retort. My resume is fine and I'm doing quite well with other pursuits. "Dean of Payson University" Nice ring to it...just kidding:)


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Here is a true story illustrating the kindness and caring of Forre Hinderliter. Also, a bit of Payson from a different era. I was in High School and had to work late one night. I was just about out of gas and knew I didn't have enough to get home and back (we lived a half hour out of town). I stopped in and a asked Forre for help. He took me out back and we siphoned some gas from his squad car - a couple of gallons. It got me home safe. I will never forget that simple act of kindness. So long Forre, until we meet again on the other side.


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I am so excited to see that it is making progress. Stay the course and make it happen. Kudos to those who are advocating and keep inching ahead with this project!