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Payson, Arizona

roysandoval 2 months, 1 week ago on River Walk

I am a huge advocate for a river walk. I think the river should run from the theater to Green Valley. I also think we should put a music stage with green room and grass area (1 acre) in the southeast corner of the event center/rodeo grounds. People could then come to music festivals and camp. As well, they could walk from there to the river walk and eat and shop at the business along there. We could enhance the walk with a cobblestone path from the event center to the river walk. Take a look at this article from Tucson.


roysandoval 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Reporter Max Fosters Oct 13 Political Rant

I'm sorry Mr. Evans. You have made an error in judgment and have misspoken about this man. I have worked side by side with him and have observed him for 30 years. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of kids. As well he has been a mentor to many. He taught my children and they respect him greatly. I would trust him with my life.


roysandoval 4 months, 1 week ago on 129 Well, here's an election result I can endorse.

Thank you, both of you. Though I have spent most of my life in Payson, and twenty-five years in Payson Unified School District, It is an honor to serve all the schools, students and parents in Gila County.


roysandoval 5 months, 1 week ago on Gila County schools race: Clash of priorities

Thanks for your thoughts. Perhaps. If left to "ideas". However, I deal in what works and what has been shown to work. I am not talking about my "ideas" to raise student achievement. I am talking about the model I have used and am currently using to mentor sixteen principals of persistently low achieving schools in Arizona and New Mexico. We must utilize what works and hold feet to the fire. This includes mine if elected. This is why I can say with confidence that I will not run in four years if student achievement remains flat.


roysandoval 6 months ago on Hall of famer LaHaye: Wrestler’s roots in Payson

...and By the way, PUSD had a shot at bringing him to PHS this year as an "activities coordinator". I think there might have been some perceived complications with admin. certification. However, when you have folks with RC's credentials and ability - and an alumnus, I would think you would move heaven and earth to get them back. This, I believe, was a monumental missed opportunity for a High School that is trying to make its way back up.


roysandoval 6 months, 1 week ago on Roundup’s old editor reflects on new owners

I don't think is is so much as "Do as they please..." as it is, "Do what it takes" to stay solvent. The media business has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet. Papers who did not make a move to keep up went under. For example, I have a digital subscription to the Republic as well as a "paper" subscription for Wed. Saturday and Sunday. The actual papers sit and are never read. I do all the reading on line. That's where the majority of readers are headed. I have a friend who is in the business of going into a paper and bringing them up to speed with regard to the combination of paper based/technology based readers and advertisers. It basically comes down to change or die.


roysandoval 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Fossil Creek must change

I hate to sound negative, but the suggestion of opening the trail up to ATV's to shuttle people down from the Strawberry side makes my blood boil. I have been hiking that trail for many years. Part of the reason it remains in as good of shape as it is, is because it's tough to get to. How about this suggestion. Bike in only from the pavement to the trailhead, then hike only. Instead of making it easier for lame brains to get down, let's make it tougher! Sorry, but this issue hits a nerve.


roysandoval 8 months, 2 weeks ago on FFA: Tradition & recognition

I'm with you Pat. FFA is great! It teaches responsibility, speaking skills and hard work.


roysandoval 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Raises for teachers

This is interesting. My business partner (a retired superintendent) and I are not sure what gives to cause a 9% swing. If 123 passes, people get a 4% raise. If it does not pass it should stay at, "no raises". Instead, salaries get cut 5%. I'm afraid I would have to see the numbers on this one before I bite.