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roy sandoval 2 days, 10 hours ago on Lawmakers target Common Core

Clarification: Once again, a school does not "achieve" Title I status. Title I status is not an achievement. Title I is a designation for a school with a high percentage of students from what is considered an "underserved" population. A major component relative to this designation is the percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch (Is this an achievement?). The school then responds by creating a program that utilizes federal Title I funding to better serve that population. JRE did not achieve Title I status. JRE created a Title I school wide program, hence they are a Title I school.


roy sandoval 1 week ago on Teacher shortage hits Rim Country

Agreed. Dr. Wyman nailed the reality on this one. I can give you a reliable example in terms of financial expectations relative to career (real numbers, not an indictment on PUSD because AZ districts are all in the same boat): 25 years, masters level placement take home pay $878 every other week. If these are numbers for a veteran, imagine a beginning teacher. Then imagine a beginning teacher or better yet a college student looking ahead to those numbers.
Now, take a look at a beginning engineer, 60K+ with benefits, quarterly opportunities for financial advancement and end of year bonus.
So, here you are a young person with a head for math and science: Math Teacher? or Engineer? Now here is the next reality that will make it even tougher on Arizona educators The agenda and push from the Gov. and Leg. is to expand charter schools. We work with a number of charters. The teacher pay is generally lower simply because they are generally "for profit" entities.


roy sandoval 1 week, 2 days ago on Don’t abandon the dream

I am thankful for this article, but particularly the last four paragraphs. To be honest, I have had a fair amount of grieving over the loss of advanced classes, hence loss of opportunities for our students. Thank goodness for a superintendent who "gets it" and pushes to raise standards and offer advanced opportunities. I suppose it should go without saying, but shame on the persons(s) who pushed the easy answer schedule changes, limiting advanced academic opportunities. It was a four year step backward. Next fix: Get back to a K-5 model at the elementary level.


roy sandoval 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Please, please, I’m begging you

I suppose I'm fortunate. I've been involved in public schools at every level for thirty years. I still consult with public and charter schools in Arizona but out of state schools as well. I see it a little differently. The political systematic dismantling of traditional public education in Arizona is doing a disservice to the future of our state, academically, culturally and (consequently) economically. Anyone who knows me, will already know I am very concerned about academic opportunIties for students. However, I am particularly concerned these days about the deleterious effect on extra-curricular opportunities including clubs, the arts and athletics. Make no mistake about it, the day to day participation, practice and training encompassed in these areas significantly contributes to student's overall skill level, competency and ability to contribute to a community.
It saddens me that the vision cast for education in Arizona by the legislative leadership and governor is a mirage - a rosy picture with a reality of dry bones. I'm with you on this one Mr. Aleshire.


roy sandoval 2 months, 1 week ago on District can’t find Spanish teacher

Mr. Wyman's comments are accurate. The concern in regard to the teacher shortage is legitimate and disconcerting. Students benefit a great deal when they learn another language. The lack of language program punctuates a decline in the overall quality of education available to our Payson students. I would like to see them find a quality Spanish teacher and eventually offer Spanish 1, 2, 3 and Advanced Placement Spanish. All would fit into a plan to raise the overall rigor, thus providing greater opportunity for Payson students.

Students might even learn some accurate linguistic/historical/factual Shiite and Sunni are religious not linguistic in nature, hence they are not "dialects". Certainly this would assist our students in not embarrassing themselves and others when writing in a public arena.


roy sandoval 4 months, 1 week ago on Moving forward

Steady as she goes. Keep chipping away. Make vision into reality. Kudos to their efforts. I look forward to seeing the results of their sustained effort and the impact it will have on our community and students, both young and old.


roy sandoval 5 months, 1 week ago on Humans need the arts

I am in total agreement that strong arts programs in schools (as with all extra-curricular programs and clubs) make an enormous difference in student's sense of competency and achievement. However, they must be of high quality. They also give students a sense of belonging and ownership in the school, hence enhancing the school climate and culture. This in turn has shown to be a very strong lever for improving student academic achievement. My caveat is, they must be high quality programs. I credit Mike's spouse Daria Mason with revitalizing music education at the high school and raising the standard to a high level. Additionally, she had direct input into the current high school music instructor/director who has taken the band to new levels. Levels never before reached in Payson. A look at their performance last weekend will leave a distinct impression as to the high level of quality. My understanding is they work extremely hard to achieve such quality. In fact, subsequent to watching their performance online and hearing about their work ethic, Sylvia and I decided to donate half ($200) of our Credit for Kids (Arizona Tax credit for donations to public schools) to the Payson High School Marching Band program. They work so hard and produce such quality work, they deserve it. I am going to recommend that other folks think it over and support this quality program.