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Payson, Arizona

roy sandoval 2 weeks, 6 days ago on FFA: Tradition & recognition

I'm with you Pat. FFA is great! It teaches responsibility, speaking skills and hard work.


roy sandoval 1 month ago on Raises for teachers

This is interesting. My business partner (a retired superintendent) and I are not sure what gives to cause a 9% swing. If 123 passes, people get a 4% raise. If it does not pass it should stay at, "no raises". Instead, salaries get cut 5%. I'm afraid I would have to see the numbers on this one before I bite.


roy sandoval 1 month, 1 week ago on Back to the Future

That's interesting. I was out there last weekend talking with folks and collecting signatures for my campaign. I was very surprised at the the number of people from Maricopa County who were just up for the day walking around Green Valley Park. Also people from other parts of Gila County. Very surprising - pleasantly surprising.


roy sandoval 2 months ago on Sandoval seeks job as county schools superintendent

Hi, Sorry to take so long to get back. Public Schools have been slicing budgets for a number of years now. Though it is not perfect, nor is it necessarily a solution, any relief is certainly welcome. A caveat might be that the trust was originally designed to supplement education funding, under the assumption that the general fund was adequately funded. The shift here, is that it is partially replacing what should be general budget funding. Also, it takes funding that is from the principal instead of the interest. If you have investments, for example retirement accounts, you would want to supplement your income with your interest as opposed to spending the principal. Up to this point, the trust funding has been well managed. It is really the only revenue generating source for education. It is certainly responsible to question how this will affect the trusts ability to generate revenue.


roy sandoval 2 months, 1 week ago on Sandoval seeks job as county schools superintendent

Hi Don, Thank you so much for good wishes. The circumstances are "water under the bridge" and not worth digging into. I have moved forward and have been highly successful and blessed. I would only say, there was no malfeasance or dishonesty on my part and my evaluation was outstanding. The fires of adversity only serve to temper the steel for those who choose to keep moving forward. This is also what we must teach our kids. Thanks again and take care.


roy sandoval 3 months, 1 week ago on Gerardo’s contributions lauded

When I was the Principal at PES, Gerardo sponsored a Friday lunch for the student of the week with the principal. Every Friday! It was so cool to be able to surprise a young student with a treat to lunch. Quite frankly, many students would not have been able to afford to eat at a place like Gerardo's. He and his family have done so, so much for students and the schools. This recognition is well earned and deserved.


roy sandoval 4 months ago on Charter schools: Boon or Bane?

Just a clarification. Charter schools in Arizona are not private schools. They are public schools and cannot charge tuition. While they can be owned by a private party, they must still be run according to A.R.S. 15-8 statutes.