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roy sandoval 6 months, 1 week ago on Sandoval seeks job as county schools superintendent

Hi Don, Thank you so much for good wishes. The circumstances are "water under the bridge" and not worth digging into. I have moved forward and have been highly successful and blessed. I would only say, there was no malfeasance or dishonesty on my part and my evaluation was outstanding. The fires of adversity only serve to temper the steel for those who choose to keep moving forward. This is also what we must teach our kids. Thanks again and take care.


roy sandoval 7 months, 1 week ago on Gerardo’s contributions lauded

When I was the Principal at PES, Gerardo sponsored a Friday lunch for the student of the week with the principal. Every Friday! It was so cool to be able to surprise a young student with a treat to lunch. Quite frankly, many students would not have been able to afford to eat at a place like Gerardo's. He and his family have done so, so much for students and the schools. This recognition is well earned and deserved.


roy sandoval 8 months ago on Charter schools: Boon or Bane?

Just a clarification. Charter schools in Arizona are not private schools. They are public schools and cannot charge tuition. While they can be owned by a private party, they must still be run according to A.R.S. 15-8 statutes.


roy sandoval 9 months, 1 week ago on 610 It's Your Call.... Are Charter Schools "better?"

Hello All, Back to the thread question: Are charter schools better? Some are way better, some are the same, some are way worse. No real definitive answer. The reason is, that they are under a different set of operational laws than the regular public schools. Hence they have an advantage. Many (in fact most) by design are small, thus more nimble and able to respond more quickly to parent and student needs. Since they are "stand alone" and privately owned, they do not have to cut through a lot of bureaucracy.
They also have another huge advantage unavailable to the regular public school. They can build a building to a certain capacity. Once it is filled they can create a waiting list and are not required to take more students. The advantage to this is some smart operators build up large waiting list of quality candidates. Over time they simply suggest that some who are currently attending the school may do better in the regular public school. When the student withdraws their slot can conceivable be filled with a higher performing student. You can see that over a few years an operator could cull the population down to the brightest and best.
In contrast, the regular public school (for example Payson) must take whoever and how ever many students enter the district. If they receive more students then they have capacity for, they must build out, which usually takes a capital bond. There is no waiting list.


roy sandoval 9 months, 2 weeks ago on 610 It's Your Call.... Are Charter Schools "better?"

Pat. It is not only like a charter school. It is a charter school. I along with Jim Rolfs and Russ Kinzer, dreamed it up and made the original design on a napkin at the doughnut shop in Payson North. We then went to the state charter board at that time and procured stimulus funding. It falls under the category of a district charter school. At the time there were several ways to start a charter school 1) District sponsorship, 2) College Sponsorship, 3) Charter Board Sponsorship, 3) County Sponsorship 4) District Charter School. PCS runs under it's own charter but is part of the district. Consequently, it is "owned" by the district. There are other charter schools that are privately owned.


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The answer is they are supposed to be under the same USFR accounting codes as the regular public schools. However, they are able to operate under a number of different laws. Yes, they can be "for profit".