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Pam Mason 1 week, 2 days ago on 154 When will the mainstream media be fair and honest about our police?

"How I would love to see a return to plain old news reporting!" Tom, dream on ........ the news media is biased beyond belief. Reporting the truth with any degree of accuracy will never happen. The election coverage is a prime example.


Pam Mason 2 weeks, 3 days ago on School candidate wants students better prepared

“If you boil down what a school board’s job is, it’s to implement policy and procedure,” said Keith. Dare I say more discipline at home and at school would be a good start, or is that considered not politically correct?


Pam Mason 3 weeks, 5 days ago on 136 Please vote for a national health system.

Pat, more to look forward to. Delayed and cancelled operations can seriously impact patients’ independence, mobility, ability to work and socialise, and prolong periods of pain or suffering that could be shortened by timely surgery. The challenges to the NHS must not excuse failings in the quality of treatment or patients’ experience of care.’

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Remember these are called elective surgeries!


Pam Mason 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 136 Please vote for a national health system.

Sun newspaper 2016. The AVERAGE wait time in UK to see your GP is 13 days. The average of seven to eight minutes per patient in UK compares to 20 minutes in France and Germany, while family physicians in the U.S. are not permitted by health insurers to give appointments of less than 15 minutes. Now you know why I call the NHS the death plan, please don't think it can't happen here, all the signs are there.


Pam Mason 1 month ago on 148 I think I'm with Trump on the illegals issue.

It would be helpful if the Department of Home Security were made accountable when it comes to their handling of illegal immigrants and our overall security. The press reports that at least 858 illegal immigrants with deportation orders were mistakenly granted U.S. citizenship. The foreigners are from “special interest countries” of concern to national security, according to a federal audit that blasts the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Homeland Security Department is granting as many citizenship applications it can to try to sway participation in this year's presidential election, an internal department document shows. This would seem to fall in line with Democrats and immigration groups drive to try and get eligible immigrants to become citizens in time to vote against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The kicker for me is eligible!

Kind of cheapens the whole experience of obtaining US Citizenship, at least it does for me. Please understand I love this country and am honored to be living here but why the double standards? Why weren't the authorities following their own rules with due diligence and caution as they did with me and most likely Lolly? I'm not trying to detract from the comments made by Tom and Ron but something is not right here.


Pam Mason 1 month ago on 147 ACA, or the Affordable Care Act.

Anytime a Government gets involved with funding and running Health Care Services I shudder. The UK National Health Service was cited by US Government higher ups as the kind of system that needed to be implemented in the US. It's in a terrible state and certainly nothing we should emulate.

Then of course there is the VA scandal happening right here at home and yet the powers to be continue to wear blinkers and tell us how wonderful the Affordable Care Act is. Check back in a few years from now and take a look at how much it is really costing us the tax payers in dollars, long waiting lists and restricted inferior health care.


Pam Mason 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 132 Is there a media blackout on the election?

From what I can tell the federal government allows three exceptions with regards to the Do Not Call list: nonprofits, market research firms and political campaigns. The FCC won't say why political robo-calls are allowed but it appears that politicians do not want to limit their own fundraising capabilities. Only 3-5 states passed laws to prohibit robo-calling !

As for the Siege of Sydney Street you have now peaked my interest, so thank you. The Scotts Guards were called in because the police weapons were vastly inferior to those being used by the criminals. Churchill was criticized for his presence as it was rumored that he took over command of the situation. Now I will have to read more about all this :-)