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Pam Mason 1 day, 13 hours ago on 383 It's Your Call.... Fines for robocalls.

Let us know how it works

For me I feel much better now I have a way of getting back at them particularly those that tell me my computer has a problem and also I am sure my blood pressure is down :-)


Pam Mason 2 days, 12 hours ago on 383 It's Your Call.... Fines for robocalls.

You are very welcome!

By the way Consumer Reports September edition just wrote a long article "Race against Robocalls"


Pam Mason 6 days, 12 hours ago on 383 It's Your Call.... Fines for robocalls.

I just checked the link and it works. Top right hand corner of page "enter search term here" insert "call block" it gives you more information.

Hope this helps.


Pam Mason 6 days, 12 hours ago on 383 It's Your Call.... Fines for robocalls.

My land line is Sudden Link but as pointed out by Tom previously it really piggy backs onto Century Link.. My husband did research for quality and reliability so we bought new Panasonic cordless phones about 6 months ago which operate from the land line. Today I looked up online for you and I see that Panasonic offer this feature on several models.

I don't know if any other manufacturer offers this but pretty sure what one does the others will surely follow.

We probably paid a bit more for these phones but for me just this feature alone makes it well worth it and I can even block calls that show no number. (Can also link to cell bluetooth)

Pages 46 and 47 explains it. KX-TGE260 and up series.


Pam Mason 1 week, 1 day ago on 383 It's Your Call.... Fines for robocalls.

Tom I like the idea of giving out your congressional representative phone number as your new number!

I'm gearing up for all of the political calls and surveys that will be non stop between now and the November 2016 elections. As it appears we have no real choice to stop such nuisance calls, I dug out the manual for my home telephone. Followed the not too clear instructions and now every time an unwanted call comes through I program my phone to block the offending number right after the call. I was curious if it would work so left it to give one ring if a call tries to come through from a blocked number. Yes it works and you would be amazed at the number of times these people keep trying. So now phone is programmed to not ring if a blocked caller tries.

We should not have to resort to such a remedy but for now I will find whatever means I can to get some peace. Now I need to do the sane for my cell phone - just in case!


Pam Mason 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Crash Of Car Rigged With A Bomb Closes Highway

Pat from article "A fuse line did run from the device into the cab near the driver’s seat. It had not been lit."

It was early in the morning when the crash happened. My first thought was that he was headed to Phoenix because in the afternoon a controversial Presidential Candidate was going to speak to the public! Maybe the intent had been to get close enough to the meeting place to set off the car bomb and cause a major disturbance and security risk.

On the other hand he could have been been on a mission to commit suicide with a particular destination or another person in mind. Without the information as to who he is, what his mental state was, blood test results or political leanings we are left to speculate.

He will most likely plead not guilty due to temporary insanity and at most receive a light prison sentence or even probation.


Pam Mason 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Crash Of Car Rigged With A Bomb Closes Highway

From news section of Roundup 7/14/15

"Stunned paramedics find fuse, explosives on the underside ..............." Story continues .....

"White said it does not appear the man intended to harm anyone"

Am I to believe that this is normal?


Pam Mason 1 month ago on Paperless Finances

We are encouraged to go paperless when it comes to paying bills, mortgages and transferring funds in bank accounts. The younger generation in particular favor this approach. With single people in particular, please make sure that someone you trust is also listed on your bank accounts. If you receive and pay your bills online including auto pay, make sure your passwords are either placed in a safe or given to a relative or trustworthy individual., Best thing you can do is have a trust or will. For all ages in the event of an unexpected illness or death someone is going to have to handle your estate. Going through probate is not quick or painless and can prove to be an unnecessary expense. Just a suggestion!


Pam Mason 3 months, 3 weeks ago on To save money, government makes it harder to pay taxes

Maybe if the IRS didn't spend $50 million over the last three years partying at conferences held at resorts they could have saved us the taxpayer some money. Likewise IRS employees that owe back taxes should be made to pay up or get fired. That also means they are not hired back as contractors!


Pam Mason 4 months, 2 weeks ago on P/S residents blessed with fire pros

We are blessed indeed with our firefighters and special thanks to PSWID meter reader Jay Wilkins for alerting the homeowner so he could get out of his house.