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Pam Mason 1 month, 1 week ago on Notice of PSWID Meeting Thursday March 20, 2014

Just FYI.

PSWID Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm Location: PSWID Administrative Office 6306 W. Hardscrabble Rd. Pine

Agenda in a nutshell A. Information/Discussion regarding the annual report on operations from Brad Cole, CH2M Hill B. Information/Discussion/Action to award a contract to Paul R. Peterson Construction in the amount of $137,915 for the 300K Tank Rehab Project C. Information/Discussion/Action to appoint Lawrence Bagshaw, Russell Brock, Richard James, Trent McNeeley, Paul Randall, Sam Schwalm, Don Smith and Tom Weeks to a Citizens Budget Review Committee to provide input to PSWID staff during the preparation of the 2014/2015 Annual Budget, to hold public hearings on a proposed budget, and to provide a recommended Budget to the Board of Directors.

Call to the public.

Note from Pam: All three PSWID Board of Directors will be present at this meeting in Pine i.e. Supervisors Pastor, Martin and Marcanti. The eight gentlemen listed under item C are all the candidates applying for the seven positions open on the PSWID Board. All eight names will appear on the ballot for the special PSWID board election to be held on May 20, 2014. It is a mail in election.


Pam Mason 1 month, 3 weeks ago on A belated Happy Birthday, Tom.

Many many Happy Returns of the Day !! You do such an excellent job keeping us all informed and our little grey cells working. Thank you for all you do.


Pam Mason 2 months ago on 622 Election reform brouhaha.

Some of us like to review names listed on the ballot, do our own research and mail it in. It is particularly handy for people who maybe going on vacation or their work commitments are such that they may not be able to get to the polling booth on that day. I am thinking of Sales Reps. etc. who have business dinners or are out of town on voting day.

I for one don't mind waiting a couple of days or so for election results as long as the counts are accurate, what difference does it make?

As an aside, May 20 PSWID election as called for by Gila County BOS will be a mail-in ballot only. There will be no polling station.


Pam Mason 2 months ago on 603 Is the illegal problem now a worldwide epidemic?

Tom I would say your headline is correct. Quote from British National Party. Cuts to the UK Border Agency mean that half a million more illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay in Britain as agency staff are “too busy” to try and find them.

The already-ineffectual immigration service is closing its files on illegal migrants who have lived here for at least five years.

The amount of criminal foreigners allowed to stay dwarfs the estimates made by an independent report in February that “hundreds” of illegal immigrants were being allowed to stay in Britain due to rife inefficiency in the UKBA.

A senior border agency official was quoted as saying: “We were suddenly told to stop chasing old case files because we don't have the manpower any more.

Sound familiar?


Pam Mason 2 months ago on 618 Should it be necessary to say this again?

I think I read that an investigation into this event is underway. For the record the ladies in the office never were the decision makers and they are just following procedure as outlined by the previous PSWID board.

Dealing directly with the public is no easy task and the customer service employees don't deserve to be in the firing line. If this was a deliberate act then whoever carried it out should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If it was a joke then it was a very sick joke.

There is to be an election for a new PSWID board in May of this year. Let us hope that from now on there will be no more attempts to scare PSWID employees. It is up to all of us within the community to behave as responsible adults and not thugs.


Pam Mason 2 months, 1 week ago on 601 Quick Ones.... Probation success or....?

1 week 3 days ago Quick one from Tom. Probation success or .....?

Yesterday in Roundup - Page 5A "Heroin user's second chance ends with same result"
Did not take long to get an answer.


Pam Mason 2 months, 1 week ago on 553 Are you safe when aboard a cruise ship?

Kim, I am sure you will have a wonderful time on your cruise and if you change your mind and decide to go "la-di-da" for formal night you can always use my tiara :-)

Enjoy yourself!


Pam Mason 2 months, 2 weeks ago on 600 Quick Ones... Disruptive behavior in court.

Pat, not exactly what you were looking for. When a complaint is made against a lawyer you do sign your name. I found the following information under

866.482.9227 (toll-free outside Maricopa County) State Bar of Arizona – Intake Dept. receives complaints first.

State Bar of Arizona – Frequently asked questions The State Bar does not investigate charges against judges. Allegations of misconduct against Arizona judges should be referred to the Commission on Judicial Conduct, Phoenix, AZ, 602.542.5200. How are judges held accountable? Judges are accountable for their decisions and their actions in a variety of ways. • An appeals court can review a judge's decision. This gives people a double check to make sure the decision is legally sound, based on the law and the Constitution. • Judges are accountable for their behavior to the Commission on Judicial Conduct, which has the power to reprimand a judge or recommend his or her censure, suspension or removal to the Arizona Supreme Court. • In the merit selection system, voters regularly decide by popular vote whether judges get to keep their jobs. It's called a retention election. • In merit selection, the public has a strong impact on the process of choosing judicial candidates. Public members make up the majority of every judicial nominating commission. The commissions meet and vote in sessions open to the public. • In merit selection counties, judicial candidates are put through a rigorous public application process, which finds the most qualified candidates. • In counties with a population under 250,000, voters directly elect judges. • The Constitution requires a periodic performance review of appointed judges, which is done by the Commission on Judicial Performance (JPR). This commission has 30 members, 18 of whom are public members. The JPR commission surveys jurors, litigants, court staff and lawyers in order to provide meaningful and accurate reports to the public about how well judges are doing their jobs. The commission issues an unbiased public report on the judges' performance before each general election. The commission recently performed a thorough review of its process with the goal of making it even more effective for everyone involved.


Pam Mason 2 months, 2 weeks ago on 600 Quick Ones... Disruptive behavior in court.

Anyone thought of sending a note to the Arizona State Bar with your observations as to how the Judge conducts himself in open court?