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Pam Mason 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Bogus call from "Private Caller" 202-800-5582

Pat, may I suggest you don't attempt to call back unknown numbers as they could route you through to international rates. You can go to google or duckduckgo or similar and just type in the phone number in the search engine. Most likely you will find comments from others who have been bothered by this type of call and it is often a scam. My thought is if they really want to speak to you they will leave a proper message and again check the number out first.


Pam Mason 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Bogus call from "Private Caller" 202-800-5582

Don't worry if you are left a nasty message advising you owe money to the Federal Government, or are named in a lawsuit it is just a scam! Message tells you to call 202-800-5582. I researched the number online and people are complaining.. Ignore the call and go about your day :-)


Pam Mason 1 month, 3 weeks ago on 762 It's Your Call. Why does Payson have roundabouts?

I have no problem with the roundabouts, it's just a matter of people getting used to them. As indicated above they are all over Europe. In the UK countryside they are often the size of the ones in Payson. When traffic lights fail on the odd occasion, the police are often called out to maintain traffic flow. The non functioning traffic light issue does not apply to roundabouts. What I don't like in the UK however, is big brother watching you using their huge CCTV network which seems to be everywhere. It's a fine line between observation and intrusion.


Pam Mason 2 months ago on 673 It's Your Call. Will UK drop out of EU?

Daily Mail:- British border guards have been banned from X-raying lorries (trucks) while searching for illegal immigrants at French ports in case the radiation harms the stowaways' health, it was revealed today.

Lucy Moreton from the Immigration Services Union said that her members are only permitted to use the scanners at ports in France when searching for smuggled or illegal goods.

The revelation comes as it emerged that at least 24 of the migrants who made it to Britain hiding in the back of two lorries earlier this week have already been given their freedom.

Huh ?


Pam Mason 2 months ago on Is our drinking water at safe lead levels?

Forgot to mention a new water treatment plant is to be built to handle the Blue Ridge Reservoir water. ADEQ will be involved to make sure potable water is fully compliant with specific drinking water standards before it is piped into the Payson system. Quote from Sunrise Engineering:- Water Treatment Plant: Because C.C. Cragin Water is a surface water source a WTP is required to treat the water to drinking water standards. The new 4.5MGD WTP includes water storage, pre-treatment, membrane filtration, GAC polishing, backwash handling facilities, sludge handling facilities and other facilities. ......... One challenge to the project was the need to develop a way to mitigate the creation of disinfection-by-products (DBP's) within the treated water. Our team worked to include a pre-treatment regimen of adding PACl and post-treatment with granular activated carbon (GAC) within the treatment train on the pilot to effectively reduce the DBP formation to levels well below the maximum contaminate level.

Good luck with getting answers on existing levels of lead.


Pam Mason 2 months, 1 week ago on Is our drinking water at safe lead levels?

Mr. Evans you might try contacting ADEQ. I found some old ADEQ data online referencing Cragin (Blue Ridge Reservoir) First link takes you to ADEQ Water Quality Division.

ADEQ should be able to answer your questions. Hope this helps.


Pam Mason 2 months, 1 week ago on 673 It's Your Call. Will UK drop out of EU?

Referendum will take place on June 23rd, 2016. Newspapers report that the final outcome is in the balance. The choice facing voters is whether the economic risks of remaining in the EU are bigger or smaller than the implications of uncontrolled immigration.

We hear that the additional stress being placed on public services, doctors offices, hospitals, public housing, schools, increased crime rates, unemployment, British law and overall loss of sovereignty is causing some of the British to lose faith and that they want out of the EU. The Common Market (trading partners) is what Britain joined originally and it has morphed into the body now known as the European Union.

You have the situation of long standing British law at times being overruled by faceless bureaucratic leaders, and being unable to extradite known terrorists to countries who are requesting that they be returned to face criminal charges...... overruled all in the name of human rights. Overcrowded Britain is being told to accept even more immigrants and we all know that many are not actually fleeing war torn countries but are looking to expand their own version of Islam.

President Obama is due to visit Britain next month and he plans to talk to the British people and convince them to stay In the EU. Quote from the Guardian newspaper "Can anyone imagine a President of the United States recommending that the country plunge itself into a Pan-American Political Union, with a Court of Justice in Toronto empowered to overrule its own Supreme Court, an unelected Commission in Guatemala dictating trade policy and regulations, and the borders thrown own open to Mexico, Honduras, and all the rest? The very idea is laughable, and any frontline American politician who advocated it would be dismissed as an eccentric."

My opinion is that Britain needs to leave the EU and regain its sovereignty.


Pam Mason 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Charter balks

Last week we read in the Roundup March 4, 2016. Quote:- Backers said they’re working up detailed estimates of the cost of water, sewer, electricity, roads and other infrastructure. They can then finalize the agreement with ASU and work with the lenders for the project to figure out how to spread the cost of the infrastructure out over the entire project. The master plan calls for the construction of a 6,000-student campus, research park, commercial area, dorms, a conference hotel and other support facilities over the next 10 to 20 years

Back in June 2011 we were advised Quote:- The project includes a solar power generating field that would produce more energy than the campus consumes, building design that minimizes heating and air conditioning needs, geothermal systems that heat water and buildings by running water through underground pipes, centralized parking areas, electric shuttles to move people around campus and a host of other “green” technologies.

The project would also include a research park, a solar cell assembly plant and other spinoff businesses, many with a sustainability theme.

In August of 2011 Quote:- A 6,000-student Arizona State University campus in Payson would likely have an economic impact on Rim Country of $100 million to $150 million annually based on studies of the impact of other colleges.

Now we find out that even if the campus were likely to inject $150 million annually into the local economy ........ it will take 10-20 years, and that is if we can find and enroll 6,000 students!


Pam Mason 3 months, 1 week ago on Charter schools effectively segregate

Not at all. Like everything else in life, when it comes to making an important decision I would do the research for myself, and not rely on glossy brochures or a sales pitch to make my choice. Likewise I would be examining PUSD records in the same manner.