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Pam Mason 1 week ago on 950 Just a little warning.

I think you will find the 602 842-2014 is a political call on behalf of Doug Ducey. Do not call list does not apply to politicians :-( Yet again I recently received some calls from India telling me my computer has a problem! Well this go around I was not so polite and told them that I knew it was a scam and to stick it where the sun doesn't shine ..... or words to that effect. I have a train whistle by the phone ready for the next spate of political calls, won't do much if it is a recording but I will feel better!


Pam Mason 1 week, 3 days ago on 940 The Question Is... The Scottish Election

Tough call. I've been reading the pros and cons from both sides. If the polls are to be believed then it is very close. If the Scottish public vote yes, then some major Scottish banks advised that they will set up headquarters in England as have a few companies. Grocery chains are predicting higher food prices in Scotland if it is a yes vote.. The feeling that Westminster (Government in London) is more focused on itself and not being fair to Scotland is rather like how we feel about Globe when it comes to how and where they spend most of the Gila County Budget.

I think it will be a NO vote against independence but a lot can happen between now and next Thursday. If they vote NO it will be because they fear that their overall costs will rise and that they will lose or see a change in their existing benefits as mentioned by Tom. Obviously that won't be all the reasons but it could also be better the devil you know than the one you don't.

If they vote YES it will be because they trust the Scottish Government and Parliament or the people leading the referendum more than Westminster. It is said that Scotland will lean more towards the European Union in Brussels, Belgium which in my opinion is a major problem in itself.

From what I have read the dictates coming out of the EU rarely make sense and indeed the Union in its present form would have one size fits all, that you follow EU law, some of which is entirely against existing law in some countries. I'm not talking about beheading but rather that criminals in prison must be allowed to vote as an example. That you need to change what you call certain dairy products or that you must increase the number of immigrants you allow into your country.

Good topic Tom and I will be curious to see what happens.


Pam Mason 1 week, 3 days ago on PSWID Board WORK SESSION TUES 9/16/14

Date: TUESDAY 9/16/14. Time: 6:00 pm Location: PSWID Office, 6306 W. Hardscrabble Rd., Pine.

Reason for work session: " Information/Discussion/Action regarding a work session to review the CH2M Hill draft water master plan. CH2M Hill engineers will present findings of the Water Master Plan study, seek direction, and answer questions for the final Water Master Plan report."

Anyone wishing to review the draft report of the Water Master Plan can go to:

Please note there is also a regularly scheduled PSWID meeting which will be held on Thursday 9/18/14, same location, same time. Agenda for this meeting is not yet posted.


Pam Mason 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Recent Illegal arivals, see on map where they are being sent

Interesting that it is the foreign press that can give us decent information as to what is really happening and our own press won't!


Pam Mason 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Pine water plan examines supply

The next regularly scheduled PSWID meeting is September 18, 2014. It is also expected that a public workshop type meeting will be set so that the PSWID board can review, discuss and ask questions about the preliminary Master Plan with CH2M Hill who prepared the document. By all means tell the PSWID board directly what your concerns are, I can assure you they will listen. I do know that the preliminary plan does identify areas experiencing low water pressure. The meeting dates and agenda will be posted on the PSWID website.

By attending a meeting you can make sure your residential area experiencing low water pressure is identified in the plan, and what the proposed remedies are. Hope this helps.


Pam Mason 3 weeks ago on 929 The Question Is.... A death list?

What makes you think that what is happening within the UK National Health Service is not immoral? People are dying due to lack of proper medical treatment. Patients can be left lying on stretchers for hours awaiting medical evaluation or tests. Those running the "Trusts" within the NHS also draw large salaries. Keep the Government out of our health care as there will be no accountability. Tell you what Robbin if you think we have problems now, then maybe you should pop over the pond and live in the UK for several years, and then come back and give us your report firsthand as to how the NHS took care of you.


Pam Mason 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 929 The Question Is.... A death list?

The NHS just hit 60 years and the majority of the population don't know that healthcare systems can be run in an efficient and humane manner. UK citizens have known nothing else so they endure. The UK system is not "free" as many will tell you but paid for with high taxes and the end result is something that we should not aspire to. I write so strongly because I have had first hand experience and although thankfully I am no longer within the NHS service I have friends and relatives that are, and frankly I am amazed at what they put up with.

We do not have a perfect healthcare system and there is room for improvement, but do we want socialized medicine? Absolutely not!


Pam Mason 3 weeks, 6 days ago on 929 The Question Is.... A death list?

The VA scandal is a good preview of what is to come if the US Government decides to take over the entire health system. I read somewhere that the key person behind Obamacare was hailing the UK National Health Service as something we should move towards. Instead the crumbling NHS is an example of dysfunction as a result of government run health care. I culled the following information from recent reports.
There are 3.2 million patients waiting for treatment as of June. Health Secretary is trying to eliminate 12 month waits and there are people who have been waiting longer to start treatment. By the end of June 93.8% of patients were enduring waits of up to 18 weeks. NHS just admitted that they will miss its 18-week waiting-time targets. According to the NHS Constitution it is a patients right to be treated within 18 weeks.

Compared to the rest of Europe the UK and Ireland has lower survival rates for many cancers. Researchers say that main reason for low survival rates seems to be delayed diagnosis (ya think?) underuse of successful treatments and unequal access to treatment, particularly among elderly people.

Trusts (that run the allocated region) are top heavy with bean counters and few clinicians. Trusts make the choice as to whether or not to allow life savings drugs and what operations will be offered at what hospital. Many times operations are postponed at the last minute and the patient is sent home to wait sometimes several months. The system is rife with doctors and nurses who do not have a command of the English language but entered under a quota system while UK trained doctors had to seek jobs overseas. I think this may have just been investigated but in the meantime the problem exists throughout the NHS.

Operations are not scheduled over the weekend unless it is an absolute emergency and even then it can be touch and go. Likewise it is almost impossible to have examinations done with an MRI etc. on a weekend as no one is available to run the equipment. In fact waiting for weeks for such a test is the norm. Doctors work schedules seem to leave out weekends and it is not unknown for the emergency department of smaller hospitals to be closed at weekends.