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Pam Mason 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Crash Of Car Rigged With A Bomb Closes Highway

Pat from article "A fuse line did run from the device into the cab near the driver’s seat. It had not been lit."

It was early in the morning when the crash happened. My first thought was that he was headed to Phoenix because in the afternoon a controversial Presidential Candidate was going to speak to the public! Maybe the intent had been to get close enough to the meeting place to set off the car bomb and cause a major disturbance and security risk.

On the other hand he could have been been on a mission to commit suicide with a particular destination or another person in mind. Without the information as to who he is, what his mental state was, blood test results or political leanings we are left to speculate.

He will most likely plead not guilty due to temporary insanity and at most receive a light prison sentence or even probation.


Pam Mason 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Crash Of Car Rigged With A Bomb Closes Highway

From news section of Roundup 7/14/15

"Stunned paramedics find fuse, explosives on the underside ..............." Story continues .....

"White said it does not appear the man intended to harm anyone"

Am I to believe that this is normal?


Pam Mason 5 months ago on Paperless Finances

We are encouraged to go paperless when it comes to paying bills, mortgages and transferring funds in bank accounts. The younger generation in particular favor this approach. With single people in particular, please make sure that someone you trust is also listed on your bank accounts. If you receive and pay your bills online including auto pay, make sure your passwords are either placed in a safe or given to a relative or trustworthy individual., Best thing you can do is have a trust or will. For all ages in the event of an unexpected illness or death someone is going to have to handle your estate. Going through probate is not quick or painless and can prove to be an unnecessary expense. Just a suggestion!


Pam Mason 7 months, 3 weeks ago on To save money, government makes it harder to pay taxes

Maybe if the IRS didn't spend $50 million over the last three years partying at conferences held at resorts they could have saved us the taxpayer some money. Likewise IRS employees that owe back taxes should be made to pay up or get fired. That also means they are not hired back as contractors!


Pam Mason 8 months, 1 week ago on P/S residents blessed with fire pros

We are blessed indeed with our firefighters and special thanks to PSWID meter reader Jay Wilkins for alerting the homeowner so he could get out of his house.


Pam Mason 8 months, 1 week ago on PSWID Board Meeting Thursday March 19, 2015

Special thanks to Jay Wilkins the PSWID meter reader that woke up Pine homeowner Sam Scott and told him to get out of his house now as his large lean- to shed was on fire! In additional we are very grateful to the fire fighters of Pine, Strawberry and Payson for getting the fire out! We are so lucky to have such amazingt people in the Rim Country.


Pam Mason 8 months, 2 weeks ago on PSWID Board Meeting Thursday March 19, 2015

Location and time: 6:00pm PSWID Office. 6306 W. Hardscrabble Rd. Pine.

Please be advised the agenda is posted for this upcoming Thursday but it is too long to cut and post successfully on here.


Pam Mason 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Building slump lingers in Gila County territory

Might be a good idea for Mr. Gould to check his Gila County Planning and Zoning website first. He will find that the incorrect year is referenced for some agendas and minutes. http:

It would seem that the last public meeting held by the planning and zoning commission was in Pine on June 19, 2014. No minutes are posted after that date. which indicates that they are not exactly rushed off their feet with applications. Over the years I have observed that the posting of P&Z agendas and minutes is hit or miss. If the commission plans to hold meetings throughout Gila County seeking community input, then they need to improve on their current methods of communication with the public.


Pam Mason 8 months, 3 weeks ago on 234 The Question Is.... Catch phrases.

Tom I am sorry you are also suffering from bad service with Century Link.

Century Link owe us money and their refund check was deposited into our account only to be refused. Our Financial Institution even sent them a letter with contact information advising that the amount in question was deposited and then they had to back it out of our account, So far we have hit a brick wall, in the end I complained to a State agency.

On the web I read numerous postings from people complaining about Century Link including that the data rate they were promised when they signed up never happened. That the service is slow and drops off line regularly. Seems like someone should do a thorough investigation maybe even team up with other States to straighten the company out. Maybe the ACC have some jurisdiction over them I don't know.