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Pam Mason 7 months ago on Building slump lingers in Gila County territory

Might be a good idea for Mr. Gould to check his Gila County Planning and Zoning website first. He will find that the incorrect year is referenced for some agendas and minutes. http:

It would seem that the last public meeting held by the planning and zoning commission was in Pine on June 19, 2014. No minutes are posted after that date. which indicates that they are not exactly rushed off their feet with applications. Over the years I have observed that the posting of P&Z agendas and minutes is hit or miss. If the commission plans to hold meetings throughout Gila County seeking community input, then they need to improve on their current methods of communication with the public.


Pam Mason 7 months ago on 234 The Question Is.... Catch phrases.

Tom I am sorry you are also suffering from bad service with Century Link.

Century Link owe us money and their refund check was deposited into our account only to be refused. Our Financial Institution even sent them a letter with contact information advising that the amount in question was deposited and then they had to back it out of our account, So far we have hit a brick wall, in the end I complained to a State agency.

On the web I read numerous postings from people complaining about Century Link including that the data rate they were promised when they signed up never happened. That the service is slow and drops off line regularly. Seems like someone should do a thorough investigation maybe even team up with other States to straighten the company out. Maybe the ACC have some jurisdiction over them I don't know.


Pam Mason 7 months ago on Ninth Great Grandchild

Wonderful news! Congratulations to all especially Great Grandmama :-)


Pam Mason 7 months, 1 week ago on Delayed mailing of bills seems like ploy to charge late fees

Yesterday I heard that people who are in the same billing cycle as you received an apology via email. There was a mistake made by the company who have the contract with CH2M Hill/PSWID for sending out the bills. The due date posted on your bill is in error. I would hope that PSWID will post a clarification on their website. For the people who live out of town and are not on the PSWID email list I would imagine that gave them quite a shock. If we could see some cost savings then maybe the billing should be done on a local level with improved oversight. We certainly need more jobs locally.


Pam Mason 8 months ago on 205 The Question Is.... Mislabeling.

I do have problems with how inefficient and overreaching the Government is, but in this case maybe we should implement something along these lines.

The Trade Descriptions Act 1968

The Trade Descriptions Act makes it an offence for a trader to make false or misleading statements about goods or services. It carries criminal penalties and is enforced by Trading Standards Officers, making it an offence for a trader to: apply a false trade description to any goods supply or offer to supply any goods to which a false trade description has been applied make certain kinds of false statement about the provision of any services, facilities or accommodation.

Now I'm going to have to try and investigate the quality of and from where my vitamins actually came from.


Pam Mason 8 months ago on 187 The Question Is... PSWID today.

PSWID April 16, 2009 - Prior to acquisition of the Pine Strawberry Water Companies by PSWID.

Comment: Mr. Harry Jones Interim District Manager for PSWID previously discussed application to WIFA for waste water feasibility study. 7) Call to the public for non agenda items. "Sam Schwalm question related to WIFA for waste water feasibility study."

PSWID minutes May 12, 2009. "5) Officer Reports Bill Haney addressed Sam Schwalm's question from last Board Meeting regarding application for funds to study waste water. Bill explained that no one on the Board needs Board approval to apply for grants or "free money". A Board vote would be required to accept a grant or funding, however. The second question suggested it was not appropriate for the Board to study sanitary sewer issues. Bill pointed out that , although there were no current plans, the Water Improvement District could be converted to include Waste Water Management in the future. He suggested that a study of waste water was in fact an appropriate action of the Board. There is a direct connection between septic system discharges and ground water pumping. Our communities depend entirely on septic systems, and as a result ground water quality and purity are a concern of the Board. He also indicated that at sometime in the future waste water collection could provide an alternate source of water for irrigation or similar use."

My comment: Can you imagine just how much money replacing and enlarging the entire water infrastructure, installing fire hydrants, eliminating septic systems and building and operating a Waste Water Plant would have cost those of us living within the PSWID boundaries? I have never heard this newly elected board discuss converting to Waste Water Management but we need to be on our guard for any grandiose ideas with future boards. Being a small community the same movers and shakers with expensive self serving goals never really go away. You only have to look at past events as to if our money was wisely spent or did a lot of it benefit just the "important people"


Pam Mason 8 months ago on 187 The Question Is... PSWID today.

Septic tanks etc in Pine and Strawberry. " I got your point, which is exactly why I wanted to tell people how rare it is that a municipal system is ever needed." It has already been put out there! ....

HDJ Management, LLC. Harry D. Jones engaged by Gila County as a water issues consultant in Northern Gila County. Document submitted by Harry Jones to the Arizona Corporation Commission dated December 6, 2005. Docket: Pine Water Company. Taken from Additional long term alternatives. Direct Recovery of Wastewater.

"Rather than completely eliminating septic tanks, some communities with sewer districts or municipal plants are now connecting the septic systems to the sewage district collection lines, eliminating the leach lines that normally distribute the dissolved solids for percolation into the soil. Even better is the complete elimination of the septic tanks, especially on the many small lots that exist in Pine.

Because of the many small lots and the hilly landscape in Pine, 15-20 prepackaged moderate size neighborhood systems may need to be installed at a total cost of about $500,000 - $800,000 for every 100 homes, thereby re-capturing 20-25 million gallons of treated useable water that could be safely passively recharged into the upper aquifer."


Pam Mason 8 months, 1 week ago on 185 The Questions Is.... Benefits cards.

DENVER (AP) -- Welfare money or food stamps for marijuana? It's an urban legend that won't go away in Colorado, and state lawmakers this year are poised to pass a law clarifying that public benefit cards can't be used at dispensary ATMs. A bill facing its first hearing next week in the state Senate would add marijuana businesses and strip clubs to the list of Colorado businesses where electronic benefits cards - called EBTs - can't be used to withdraw cash. Liquor stores, casinos and gun shops already have such limitations. Source: Associated Press today


Pam Mason 8 months, 1 week ago on 150 The Question Is.... Say what? How many?

Now I'm going off track! Reminds me of when I was preparing for my US Citizenship Test. Bearing in mind that there was no literature available in English from the Immigration Service as to what questions would be asked, I spent a lot of time tracking down the information. I remember calling a local congress representative office and asking them one question that I was stuck on. I told them what I thought the answer was and was put on hold. After about three minutes they came back on the phone and said "we are not sure, but we took a vote and we think you are right!" End of story :-)