Susanne Stuart

Susanne Stuart 3 years, 11 months ago on Police bust outlet for medical pot

The most danger I've ever encountered in my life was when the Department of Public Safety (DPS) came to my house in Pine, Feb 8, 2011. They came with armored military vehicles, 35+ SWAT soldiers in camo, bushes on their shoulders (to blend into the woods), surrounded my house and lined my doorway. They all had assault weapons with fingers on the triggers ready to shoot. You can not know the terror of thinking you will be shot because you are holding a tv remote. My husband and I were held for eight hours by 'armed special units' - for business records - paper. We have accurate, organized business records that would have been available with a knock on the door. There was no need to use violent, para-military tactics. It turned out that the Manhattan New York District Attorney Office wanted us to commit Federal International Crimes for them and the DPS SWAT teams were just a terror tactic to facilitate that. That was our introduction to law enforcement. Please see the article on titled "Write Software, Go to Prison".

I have not slept in two years since the raid which was at the direction of Tom Horne, AZ Attorney General and carried out by the DPS. It has been a nightmare that never ends. I have been in hospitals to help me deal with this trauma. I have been to Natures Harvest to help me deal with this trauma.

Tom Horne has openly stated he will not allow medical marijuana even though the taxpayers have voted to have that option. I think the taxpayers of Maricopa County and Gila County should know how their tax payments are being used to fund terrorism like the SWAT TEAM raid on my family ($250,000) and then fund the attacks on these taxpayer approved medical remedies that Natures Harvest is providing.

The day after our daughter, Shelby, graduated from Payson High School last year we moved our very successful software business out of Arizona. We will not pay taxes in a state that does not protect, but terrorizes, it's law abiding, taxpaying, voting, involved members of the community.