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Tim Ehrhardt 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Payson Community good guy Shot in Payson YESTERDAY!

One of the community groups on Facebook has had updates, with Darla and their daughter posting. The Roundup posted on their Facebook page last night.


Tim Ehrhardt 1 year, 7 months ago on Town drafts agreement for Rim Ranch development


I've been told that the amount of usable land there is a lot less than 80 acres. (That could be a good thing, but to tout 80 acres is unfair.) Also, there is a good sized chunk of land in this region that has power and already has paved roads to it. And no, it's not at the airport, and yes, it's on the market for sale.

I don't like this being called Rim Ranch, which I guess was a moniker that has been used for a little while. There is already a Rim Ranch in Payson, a subdivision next to Manzanita Hills. I wish they'd use a different name.

I'll also give you one more tidbit to look at - 2011 Payson Transportation Study. Maybe with regards to the future, this Fox Farm site works really well. Maybe not. Take a look at where it sits in regards to future plans and how it might affect the direction of the region. This study covers the footprint of Payson and the estimates of future roads shows what the projection was in 2011. How does the usage of Fox Farm change all of that? What are we really looking at long term here for the region? Maybe it's a great thing, maybe it's not. What's the bigger picture and vision?


Tim Ehrhardt 1 year, 10 months ago on Residents protest 40-foot, view-destroying APS poles


I think you're missing the point - you're talking about new poles that obstruct views because they're higher, not a desire to not replace the current poles. In the case of the houses on Bulla, the views are definitely a selling point. I can tell you as a Realtor that power lines and poles are definitely something that I have to work around when taking pictures. It definitely detracts and has some sort of negative effect on values. I don't blame the neighborhood for wanting answers and for APS and the town to work with them on it. It's quite reasonable in my opinion.


Tim Ehrhardt 1 year, 10 months ago on A family’s heartbreaking tragedy inspires their lifesaving effort

Really, really glad to see what the family is doing. Some additional information on where the accident happened.

This happened on a hill that locals call "cattle guard hill". It's about two miles on FR 29 from Mead Ranch and is in the Dude Fire burn. I drive it just about every day and came across the closure from the accident about 7:30 or so on the night it happened while on my way home. It's in the shadow of Myrtle Point, a gorgeous spot. They lost it on what's pretty much an L curve and there's a canyon where it happened - that's what they almost certainly went at least a little bit into. Difficult spot, the canyon and road curve is very steep in there. If there's not a car coming the other way (there is good visibility), you want to cut that corner. I saw the markings of the ATV's path the next day and it appeared that they ended up wide coming into the curve and just couldn't save it.

Our local fire folks do a great job. Friends told me that neighbors of mine, Lenny Trujillo and J.P. Matchner were on that call. They live in Mead Ranch and work out of that Hellsgate firehouse. It would not surprise me if they were first on the scene.They're great guys and it's not been an easy year for them. Remember, they lost a co-worker and terrific neighbor, Bobby Mollere, earlier in the year.


Tim Ehrhardt 3 years ago on Samuel H. Mitchell and the Phoenix Street Car company


Ella was definitely a key factor in the founding of the Payson Presbyterian Church. The Roundup had an article a few years ago on their 75th anniversary that mentioned her extensively. I also checked my clip collection, and below is what I found. I would suggest getting in touch with the Payson Presbyterian Church to see if they have some additional information. I'm sure that they would love to hear from you.


Church Dedication Arranged At Payson

PAYSON, Nov. 14 - Formal dedication of the newly organized Payson Community Presbyterian church will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 19. The Rev. Charles S. Poling, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Phoenix will give the dedication sermon. The new church here was made possible by Mrs. S.H. Mitchell, a member of the First Presbyterian church of Phoenix. - November 15, 1935 The Arizona Republic


Tim Ehrhardt 3 years, 10 months ago on Surname's SEE and HOSFELT Family History Seeking Info.

I just passed your message along to Jayne Peace Pyle and that's going to be your best source. I know that she's been in touch with a See from Camp Verde. I'll make sure that she gets in touch with you.


Tim Ehrhardt 4 years, 5 months ago on Tourism vs, recycling ?

Obviously, as someone who has a passion for history, I disagree with your statement Pat that "Globe has a history, Payson does not." By the same token, I think I kind of understand what you're saying and I think that's been a challenge here. From a historic building standpoint, Payson didn't have the master pieces that Globe had. In my opinion, and certainly I'd love to hear yours on this Pat, Payson never had the money that Globe had and that's part of it. When you look at the square footage of remaining old buildings here, it seems to me that they are typically much smaller than what you see other places.

I think there's plenty of history though, although I think it's much more spread out which creates a challenge. Personally, one of the things I would really like to see is historic markers throughout the region, including at the Holder graves northwest of Payson and the Allenbaugh graves on the Colcord Mountain Road. It's not as sexy persay as a centralized bunch of historic buildings, but I think it's still important and plays to the underlying strengths of the region.


Tim Ehrhardt 5 years ago on Next Mayor

Very timely post Pat. I haven't heard anything about possible mayoral candidates but it does seem to be a ripe time for discussions. Definitely curious as to what folks are hearing about possible candidates.


Tim Ehrhardt 5 years, 8 months ago on Unhappy with Star Valley speed camera

I drive pass those cameras just about every day, and guess what? They work. I definitely drive slower through there now than I did before, and it's definitely easy to turn out of a place like Plant Fair than it was before. I don't care who's profiting, they serve the true purpose that they are there for.


Tim Ehrhardt 5 years, 9 months ago on Swiss Village

Historically Main Street was the center of town, but it hasn't been for a long time. There is great potential there and it does seem to me that there are some really good folks down there trying to make a go. But in my opinion, it's going to need a successful restaurant at some point, and you could argue that it needs a successful Oxbow. I love that area, but it's a difficult area to "fix" and there are a lot of different opinions on it.

I like Dan's mention about Barney Swartwood. The guy was a premier developer in this town. He did some terrific subdivisions - keep in mind that we he developed Mesa del Caballo in the late 50s, it was site built only. He really did some nice stuff and the vision for Swiss Village and surrounding area was good. I've heard a lot of really good things about him.

I think with regards to town support, it's a very tough thing in this day in age, especially for a town the size of Payson. If you help Main Street, businesses on the highway complain, if you help Swiss Village, businesses on the south end of town and Main Street complain. As leadership comes and goes, there are different visions and different places in town near and dear to people's hearts. And the one thing that is going to be constant, is change, no matter how much we fight it - sometimes it's for the better, sometimes it's for the worse, sometimes the opinion of that depends on point of view.

I too remember the "good ole days" of Swiss Village. We never really did the lighting thing, but my Mom always insisted on a stop at Candle Factory the day after Thanksgiving. And the bakery that used to be where the Mexican food place is now...oh my, that was some really good stuff.