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Tease photo

Gentle snowstorm

Ski resorts happy, but snow, rain barely dent drought

A laid-back winter storm brought just short of half an inch of rain to Payson Sunday and Monday, with an 80 percent chance for rain today, dropping to 40 percent by tonight.

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Snow play lures slew of visitors

A transportation nightmare turned into a tourist triumph for Rim Country over the New Year’s holiday.

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Pine gets second highest snow total in Arizona

Nestled up against the face of the Mogollon Rim — which was predicted to get the highest amounts of snow in the New Year’s storm — Pine had 14-1/2 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

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Crashing through a winter wonderland

Storm dumps a foot of snow, snarling traffic, delighting visitors

Just before noon Wednesday, the police scanner in Payson sprung to life with officers around Rim Country radioing in call after call of slide-offs and vehicles slip-sliding into each other.

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Winter storm warning in effect

Old Man Winter is going to wash away 2014 with rain and usher in 2015 with snow.

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A white Rim, but Payson just gets wet

After the midweek storm that hit the Rim Country, the Rim glowed white in the morning light Thursday, but will it stay?

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ADOT gears up for winter storm season

Drivers encouraged to ‘Know Snow’ and prepare for winter driving

With another winter storm predicted this week, the Arizona Department of Transportation has been getting ready to respond to keep motorists safe while clearing snow and ice from highways.

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Winter storm approaching

A surprise snow shower this weekend chilled Rim Country only to clear to sunny weather on Sunday and Monday, but that won’t last long.

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More rain predicted for weekend

Rain and fog and cold! Oh my!

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Forecasts suggest wet winter ahead

Arizona may enjoy more heavy snowfall

The planet should brace for far more of the kinds of extreme El Niño events that in 1997-98 brought droughts, floods and fires worldwide — but near-record snow and rainfall in Arizona, according to recently published research.

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Worse to come

More megadroughts likely

Most of Arizona remains mired in drought despite a 50 percent chance of rain for the next three days, with a growing body of research suggesting we’d best get used to it.

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Rain closes Tonto Creek crossings

An intense monsoon storm that swept through Rim Country this weekend forced officials to close the swollen Tonto Creek, cancel several events and sent some motorists slipping and sliding off the roadways.

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Fresh storm due

Last week’s predicted big storm from the remnants of a hurricane veered off into New Mexico before delivering the predicted deluge in Rim Country.

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Floods close Houston Mesa Road

Heavy rains expected tonight, tomorrow

Heavy rain on near Beaver Valley on Wednesday afternoon once more flood portions of Houston Mesa Road, forcing a temporary closure as Gila County road crews cleared the flood of dirt and rocks.

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Arizona braces for more flooding

State issues warnings for drivers as tropical storm approaches

Following last week’s record rainfall in the Phoenix metropolitan area which also dumped an inch of rain in Payson, the Arizona Department of Transportation is preparing for another tropical storm this week likely to cause flooding to several regions of the state.

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Added deluge due

Monday went from sunny and bright to gloomy and thunderous by the afternoon.

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Phoenix floods, Payson pitters

After waiting all weekend for rain predicted from the tropical storm Norbert, the storm hit early Monday morning.

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Hurricane-spawned storm approaches

Hurricane Norbert, a Category 1 storm, blowing 850 miles south-southwest of San Diego on Thursday, will bring rain and thunderstorms to the Rim Country from late Saturday into Monday.

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Storm dumps an inch of rain on Payson

Gila County was under a flood advisory Tuesday morning after a storm that started overnight dumped nearly an inch of rain on Payson.

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Inch of rain triggers mudslides

Another deluge wreaked havoc on Houston Mesa Road this week.