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Registration is now open for Rock of Ages Lutheran Church’s free summer music learning program.

The program, “Making Music,” offers one-on-one and small group lessons in June and July. This is the third year the program is being offered. 

Various levels are welcome to enroll for various instruments – from absolute beginner to advanced.

The lessons vary from year to year. This year lessons include piano, voice, percussion, wind instruments, brass, violin, mandolin, and ukulele.

The 2021 Making Music program is offering 60 lesson slots on a first-come, first-served basis.  Full program enrollment includes Monday Groups and one-on-one lessons for PreK-8th grade-age youngsters. Partial enrollment includes one-on-one lessons. For more details visit or call 928-474-2098.

About the main teacher

This year’s main teacher is Sydney Peterson, a college student studying instrumental music education at Martin Luther College in Minnesota.  She joined the Rock of Ages community last year and is excited to return for a second summer.

She was born in Sioux Falls, S.D. Her passion for music began at a very young age with her mother serving as the church choir director and her grandmother as the church organist. She hopes to teach music someday in a Christian school because it gives her the opportunity to share what she loves the most. Read more