Boss Baby 2

Sequels tend to give us a degree of familiarity and comfort. We think we can safely view a film because we know and have often seen its predecessor. In this case, a lot of us saw the predecessor. “Boss Baby” brought in a staggering for a kids movie $528 million at the box office. The producers hope to replicate their success.

To ensure their success, the producers pulled out all the stops they have to pull. They again hired Tom McGrath to direct this animated film aimed at the younger child audience. McGrath earned an Oscar nomination for directing “Boss Baby.” He also directed three of the very popular “Madagascar” films. He knows what kids like to see.

McGrath brought in a flock of well-schooled and accomplished actors to become the voices of the various babies. Alec Baldwin and James Marsden (you would recognize Marsden if you could see him. Very handsome, lots of movies). Also “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow and Jeff Goldblum provide their vocal talents. Funnyman Jimmy Kimmel and gorgeous actress Eva Longoria round out the famous cast members. This impressive cast of famous people will not be seen by the movie watchers and the target demographic will not know who they are anyway. That makes the effort to hire the best people they can all the more impressive.

The moviemakers also hired Hans Zimmer to handle the musical part of the film, again going for the best when others would have settled for “good enough for a kids movie.” My hat is off to the movie makers.

This kids movie is one that moms and dads can also enjoy, and not because of veiled off-color stuff but because of heartwarming parent stuff. Never mind the title, the emotional action in this film swirls around the loving relationships between parents and kids and between brothers and sisters.

When the words The End came up on the screen, a kid behind me said “I love this movie.” Grown-ups might enjoy it too. I admit that I laughed several times, good for any comic film. I also appreciated the tender moments shared by the characters. Safe for kids, enjoyable for adults, what more could we want?

“Boss Baby 2: Family Business” runs for 1 hour and 47 minutes. It has a very mild PG rating, entirely suitable for children of even very tender years. The four sawblade movie will delight your youngsters. The producers spent $82 million to make the movie and seem assured of a favorable return.

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