Charlie's Angels 2019

Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott in Elizabeth Banks’ “Charlie’s Angels.”

Sometimes, quite often actually, the movie-going public and I like to watch a restful "Charlie's Angels" flick and sit back and watch the action. Lucky for us, we have three beauties to watch, and they beat up bad guys. This time they get to use guns as well as their feet and fists, a departure from the last versions.

Kristen Stewart famously played Bella in the massively successful "Twilight" series about vampire romance. She has a total of some 53 screen credits going back to 1999 when she was just 9 years old. She also has three director credits. Kristen plays a blonde this time but do not mistake her for a dumb blonde.

Naomi Scott plays the next angel. She played Jasmine earlier this year in the spectacularly successful Guy Ritchie directed "Aladdin." She is now an honest to goodness Disney princess.

The youngest actress playing an angel is Ella Balinska. Also the tallest, she has the stage presence and heft to make us believe that someone so attractive could smite the baddies.

I am a great fan of Elizabeth Banks, who plays Bosley. She has a ton of roles on TV and film, including her now iconic role as Effie Trinket in the "Hunger Games" series. She directs here in her sixth outing in that role. She does it all here with this making her debut as a scriptwriter. Banks has a long string of successful roles in comic situations but also plays Laura Bush in “W.”

Also, watch for Djimon Hounsou and Patrick Stewart in supporting efforts.

Kristen Stewart as it turns out has a gift for the comic quip and smirk. And Banks wrote a very credible first-time script. It has some twists and turns that keep us guessing. As a director, she isn't afraid to pull out some comic bits that go back to black and white days or before but still make us smile.

All in all “Charlie's Angels” hit the spot. It has loads of energy, frequent Girl Power themes and references and a soundtrack we can bob to. Unleash your 14-year-old inner girl and give it a look. You will leave happier than when you arrived.

"Charlie's Angels" runs two minutes shy of two hours. It carries a mild PG-13 rating. The producers risked a Hollywood mid-range $55 million on this entertaining but light three saw-blade movie.

Cool movie thing: In a closet used by the angels, we can see two outfits from the earlier version of the franchise, a uniform worn by race car drivers and a German theme get up. They did that just for fun.

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