End the entitlement behavior


Let’s take a short look back at the behavior of some of our state lawmakers.

A little over a year ago, a legislator was voted out of office by his colleagues over alleged sexual harassment charges, then another lawmaker bragged about being able to drive over 100 miles per hour on the I-10 due to “legislative immunity,” and recently more than a few legislators have become rich because they’ve “cashed in” on weak charter school rules and regulations which they helped write, and yet another lawmaker has been accused of making racist remarks in public all the while denying that they are racist.

More recently, yet another state representative from Globe was stopped for a DUI violation and he threatened the trooper with retaliation because of who he was. Still, another lawmaker that makes his living selling fireworks has tried to push through a bill to permit more days of permitting fireworks to be ignited even though it appears to be a blatant case of self-interest.

What do all of these lawmakers have in common? All of them are of the same political party. The GOP has a monopoly and stranglehold on our state and they behave as they do because they know that they can.

Our Republican lawmakers have been in absolute power for so long that they feel entitled to behave anyway they want to without much, if any, public backlash. They know their own “cronies” have their back.

The single party domination of politics in Arizona should go the way of the horse and buggy, rotary dial phones and leisure suits.

Richard Meszar, Whispering Pines

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