Frozen 2

Magical Disney princess Elsa has upgraded to Queen Elsa in this sequel. She has an oopsy which results in her kingdom suffering under a curse of eternal winter. But her plucky little sister, Princess Anna, goes with now Queen Elsa and the gang to the land of eternal Autumn to sort things out. That gives you more than enough of the story. The stuff that happens fades beside the feelings the sisters have for each other. And the singing, lots of singing.

Idina Menzel returns to her role as Elsa. She also sings. Kristen Bell reprises her role as Princess Anna. A host of voices animate the various characters. Among them are Alan Tudyk (the pilot on the spaceship show “Firefly”) and Ciarán Hinds, who played Julius Caesar in the fabo HBO show “Rome.”

Nobody but nobody does a full scale, bright and loud princess movie like Disney. Spectacular comes to mind. The production numbers just dazzle us. No wonder little girls love the “Frozen” movies. I admit that I liked it too. “Frozen II” has a target audience, which does not include grumpy 73-year-old dudes like me. That said, in the genre of princess movies, I am hard placed to recall one that pleases the fans more than this one.

One of the characters, a snowman brought magically to life, gives a non-stop stream of advice to the youngsters. His most repeated bit of wisdom claims that little folks often do not understand the world around them. He says not to worry. He says that when people grow older things become more understandable so we should not fret if we can’t figure things out right away. That seems like good teaching for young folks.

The only major male character is Kristoff, the boyfriend of Princess Anna. Writers Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck capture the confusion and miss-steps on the way to lasting love.

I found it interesting that the theology of the fictitious society in “Frozen II” closely replicates the theology in “The Fifth Element.” In both films the elements of earth, air, fire and water find completion in a human hub to connect the spiritual with the mundane.

Oscar-winning writer/director team Lee and Buck return after their success with “Frozen.” The 2013 “Frozen” delighted a whole generation of little girls and got the golden gizmo for Lee and Buck. It also took in an eye- and pocketbook-popping $1,275,000,000 at the box office. While not yet as profitable, “Frozen II” still has made hundreds of millions of dollars for Disney. And a new cohort of little girls has found a reason for celebration.

“Frozen II” runs for one hour and 43 minutes, which makes a kind of outer limit for the attention span and time in a seat for younger children. The PG-rated film, emotionally uplifting and visually pleasing gets four beautiful saw blades.

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