We want people who do good deeds to be rewarded.

We want them to get a cash reward or even just to bask in the good will of others.

If the idea of a charming innocent getting punished for good deeding doesn’t put you off, watch “Greta.”

This tiny film makes up for the theme and low budget with defined acting, a crisp script and a very strong hand at the director level.

Movie fans will enjoy this for the immaculate craftsmanship demonstrated by all hands involved in making this film.

But, it did kind of creep me out, so there is that.

Just barely old enough to vote, Chloë Grace Moretz returns a lost purse to a lonely older woman.

Moretz can claim 68 acting credits in her short career. The busy and serious actress as a girl played Abby in the innovative vampire flick “Let Me In.” She had a role in the recent “The Equalizer” movie and played Hit Girl in the comic book based “Kick Ass.”

French actress Isabelle Huppert plays Greta Hideg, a piano teacher who has a sinister side. Huppert has 139 acting credits, mostly in France.

We also enjoyed Maika Monroe in a smaller role as the roommate of the nice girl.

In suspense films, the whole game is the build up followed by the gradual reveal of mystery after mystery until the final horror emerges.

We want to be led along a path that narrows and narrows until only doom awaits the characters.

Director Neil Jordan takes on that task with his usual skill and aplomb. We know him as the director of such films as “The Crying Game,” “Mona Lisa” and “Interview with a Vampire.”

He also helped write the script.

But that only works if we give a hot potato about the characters.

In bad movies we just watch movement and color. In a good movie we become engaged with the people on the big screen.

This is a good movie.

With an acclaimed director and vastly talented and well experienced cast members we can expect a superior film experience.

We do not get a film that we can relish, a film that lets us mumble as we leave the theater, “Wow, I really liked that one.” We end up with what in the old days would be the second feature at the drive-in movie.

This film has one of the smallest budgets of any movie I have seen in years. The Irish Film Board granted the producers about a million bucks to make the movie in Dublin. The producers sold the rights to the movie for $6 million, we can guess at a profit. It has grossed $11 million so far, so the business end of the film is taken care of.

“Greta runs” a short one hour and 38 minutes and carries a strong R rating for violence and gore. Don’t take the kids. It gets a below average two saw blades.

Fun facts: The film is set in New York, but filmed mostly in Dublin; and Chloë Grace Moretz has performed as a singer on the soundtrack for four films.

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