Irresistible movie

Steve Carrell and Rose Byrne star in “Irresistible.”

“Irresistible” wanted to have a big opening in the theaters and enjoy time with crowds of fans. It was not to be. The pandemic ruined its producers’ plans as so many other films have been delayed, canceled, or shunted off to video streaming. But thanks to our Sawmill Theatres, we get to see it.

Jon Stewart is famous for his long stint on late-night TV as a quick-witted, smart mouth Hollywood lefty. But wait, there is more. He is also involved in the movie world. He directed a well-received but ill-attended film, “Rosewater.” “Rosewater” was about a real Canadian/Iranian man falsely imprisoned and vilely tortured by the Mullahs. That theme cannot be farther from his usual quips and snarks on TV as one can get.

He both directs and writes “Irresistible.” Stewart also produced the film, the movie trifecta. Stewart has 36 acting credits, many where he plays himself, and a total of 48 outings as a producer. We take him seriously here as a director.

This political satire has Chris Cooper as a retired soldier running for mayor of a town in Wisconsin. We saw Cooper recently in “Little Women” and also “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” Funnyman Steve Carell comes in at the behest of the Democratic Party to give the candidate a hand in the right-leaning small town. But the GOP has Rose Byrne (lately in “Like a Boss.”) help out the opponent. MacKenzie Davis and Topher Grace (Eric on “The 70s Show.”) also participate. MacKenzie Davis served in “Freaks of Nature,” a 2015 zombie/vampire flick.

Yes, “Irresistible” does make for an entertaining trip to the theater. We might even say it gives us something about our system to think upon. Writer/director Jon Stewart made his points with a savage Nerf ball. I mean by that that he hit the stereotypes of rural America as ignorant and fearful and the bi-coastal elites as insular and insufferably smug. But as pointed as his observations are, he makes them without rancor, which removes much of the sting.

The major political commentary comes up with the credits. He provides some very direct, very clear, and accurate information which spotlights some crashing flaws in our current set up. Sadly, he provides no solutions.

I found “Irresistible” to be much better than I expected and much more fun to watch. Carell, as usual, has some truly great moments and some clunkers. I enjoyed this three saw blade movie.

“Irresistible” runs for one hour and 41 minutes. Please pay attention to the R rating and leave the kids at home for this one.

It is fun to see a first-run film in our theater. The Sawmill also has regular showings of classic films and faith-based films for our enjoyment. The local Republicans sponsor a weekly patriotic film at 10 o’clock on Tuesday mornings at no charge.

You may listen to me and the other “Home Town Movie Guys” on KRIM-FM on Friday mornings at 10 a.m.

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