Suzanne Kammerman, former operations director for the Payson Senior Center, has set up a new book publishing company, Starwhale Books.

The company’s first children’s book, “Bellow of the Beast,” has just been published.

The authors and illustrators are Kammerman’s two daughters, Megann and Kristann, who graduated from college last summer. They both live in Payson.

“I think the community would be interested because this story showcases local youth and artists who are following their passions,” Kammerman said.

“Bellow of the Beast” is about overcoming fear and creating friends. The book can be purchased online and this week, there will also be signed copies available at Serendipity on Main.

“Bellow of the Beast” tells the tale of a village plagued with fear and misunderstanding. It follows an innocent young boy and his adventurous bunny that discover things are not always as they appear and that friendship goes beyond physical appearances.

“Bellow of the Beast” was published in the spring of 2020 and is now available at,, and at

Describing it as a “Timeless story about fearlessness,” one reader gave the following review: “This charming children’s book addresses the topic of fear in an utterly disarming manner ... this story may be written for young children, but it is subtle like a Zen riddle and engaging for people of any age. Your eyes will go wide, you’ll giggle and smile, and in the end you’ll feel victorious. Both story and illustrations are adorable, pulling you into another world. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these characters immediately. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a reminder to be fearless and anyone who is young at heart!”

About the authors

Megann and Kristann are best friends, sisters and recent graduates of Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa. They were born in Utah and have lived in Montana, Idaho and northern Arizona. Megann is writing her first full-length novel and Kristann spends her time as a digital and web comic artist.

This is their first published book, and it all started when Kristann awoke remembering a vivid dream. After sharing the vision with her sister and two years later, they are now excited to share their creative collaboration with the world.

About Starwhale Books

Starwhale Books is a small, independent publishing house for stories of magic whose mission is to connect the author with their audience, artists with avenues to share their art, and any and all creatives with a way to publish their imaginations for the world to see.

Book Information: or @BellowoftheBeast.

Contact the reporter at

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