Robin Wright stars and makes her directorial debut in “Land.”

We continue this week with another in a series of solid, dramatic films, of excellent quality but few car chases or explosions.

In “Land” a woman wants and needs to get away from it all. She finds a remote cabin in the mountains and does just that. She has the skills of a city slicker but she needs the skills of a survivalist or a pioneer to keep the wilderness from killing her, skills she most certainly lacks.

Robin Wright came to our attention in 1987 when she played Princess Buttercup in what is still one of my very favorite movies, “The Princess Bride.” She also plays Jenny in the equally monumental film, “Forrest Gump.” She stars as the urban woman in “Land.” She also directs “Land” in her directorial debut.

In “Land” a woman suffers a severe shock in the sudden deaths of her husband and son. The shock knocks her off her rails and deeply into what we refer to as PTSD. PTSD we often associate with returning soldiers who have suffered tragic events in war. But any of us can and sometimes do fall victim to the same syndrome.

The woman in “Land” heads for the wild to contemplate her fate and perhaps at some level, she expected to die. This is not a story of heroic struggle against nature for survival. This is a story of the dire and tragic effects of PTSD. We can call this enlightening rather than inspiring.

Wright does a capable job as director and a terrific job as the wounded woman. This will appeal to serious grown-ups who can cope with serious ideas well presented.

“Land” runs for one hour and 29 minutes. It carries a mild PG-13 rating. The three saw-blade film has so far in this time of the plague brought in a minuscule $1.7 million at the box office.

Sometimes people mention to me how sick they are of seeing movies based on comic books or themed about space aliens. “Why don’t they make movies for adults to watch and enjoy?” Folks, this is a movie for adults to watch and enjoy.

The theaters these days take all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the plague so you can enjoy your films in safety.

Fun fact: Director/star Robin Wright was for a while known as Robin Wright Penn when she was married to Sean Penn. Sean Penn in 2007 directed another loner-in-the-wilderness film called “Into the Wild.” How about that?

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