Into the Spiderverse

This animated PG-rated film can be watched by the wee ones with ease, but adults will just love it, as I did. The style of the film brings us right back into visual world of the comic books that we enjoyed as kids.

The three directors, Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman have but a single major directing experience between them. They do bring a long list of credits as animation specialists, producers and writers and we watchers benefit from their expertise. And they load the film with all of the cool extras around the edges of the story that we dig in the Marvel films. I imagine I will need to see it several times to get everything. Watch for a movie poster with an alternate “Shaun of the Dead” movie.

Not just an action film, we also get sub plots about lost love, teen angst the worry and love of a father for his son.

The spider-verse in the title warns us that we will encounter entities from a number of different parallel universes. We also get parallel Spider-Men. We even get a Spider-Woman to join Spider-Ham (a cartoon pig version of our hero) and a film noir Spider-Man from the 1930s. If this sounds overly busy, nope, the directors make it work.

Peter Lord and Rodney Rothman scribed the screenplay. Rothman wrote the live action “22 Jump Street” and Lord the animated “The Lego Movie.”

Jake Johnson (“The New Girl”), Hailee Stinfeld, Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Cage, Liv Schreiber, Chris Pine and Kathryn Hahn provide some of the voices for the characters. Lily Tomlin plays Aunt May, the first time a non Oscar winner has played that character. Tomlin does have an Oscar nomination, so I guess it is OK.

This visually delightful, engaging and entertaining four saw blade film runs for an hour and 57 minutes. Marvel fans, Spider-Man fans and children of all ages will enjoy it. You will not have seen the like in other animated films. With a budget of $90 million this film will return a big profit for the moviemakers.

Please stay and watch all the credits. You will be gifted with a little extra.

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