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Linda Hamilton stars in “Terminator: Dark Fate.”

Can the sixth “Terminator” have enough going for it to make us want to watch?

They did spend $185,000,000 to make the movie. They did bring back Linda Hamilton to reprise her role as Sarah Connor, a role she pioneered in the original. Also returning we have a grizzled Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 robot killer from the future. He of course also had the starring role in the first film. Just having a film franchise that spans the years from 1984 to 2019 might be reason enough to see the film.

Mackenzie Davis, a 30-something Canadian, plays the focal point of the film. She has nearly 30 credits, but we know her best for her role in the zombie flick “Freaks of Nature.” At least I know her best for that film.

Eight writers had a hand in making this silver screen action-adventure. I always hold my breath when this many writers mix their ideas in a single story.

Not to worry. With spectacular, nonstop-action we have the best “Terminator” movie since the last one where Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor. We have enough personal conductivity with the characters that we actually care if some killer robot from the future does them in.

The killer robot can do even more tricks. One good trick he has in his toolbox is pretty innovative and cool. His ever malleable body can disconnect from his metal frame at will. This gives the survivors two killer robots to fight instead of just one.

Hamilton/Connor has the most telling line in the movie. At one point she says “We make our own fate.” That seems like a good life lesson. She portrays the cynical but heroic Connor with grit and even dignity.

Natalia Reyes plays the target of the time-traveling robot. She has had a career in TV and film in her native Columbia. Now we know her. I bet we see her again soon.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” has a strong R rating for violence and some brief naked stuff. It runs a good two hours and eight minutes. I award the sixth in the series a generous four saw blades.

Fun Facts: Arnold has 75 acting credits including some five new projects at some part of the movie-making process. His only zombie film to date is the haunting “Magie” from 2015.

This makes the third “Terminator” film for Hamilton. She and director/producer James Cameron shared a marriage and a child. Cameron produced this film and cast his ex-wife.

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