Details for Community Health & Care Fair

20th annual

Saturday, Nov. 3 • 8am-12pm
Julia Randall Elementary School
Many of Payson’s health-related businesses
and services will attend to answer questions.
Dental Exams
Breast Examinations*
Blood Pressure Testing
Blood Oxygen Level Testing
pH Testing
Heart & Lung Checks
Eye Screenings
Ear Canal Inspections

Skin Cancer Screening
Balance Assessments
Oral Cancer Screenings
Myofascial Release Therapy
Blood Tests***
Veterans Affairs Center
Influenza/Flu Vaccines****
Peripheral Vascular Disease

* Wear a two-piece outfit so that it is easy to undress above the waist.
** Wear a two-piece outfit so that it is easy to undress above the waist. Do not wear
lotion, powder, perfume or deodorant as wearing these items can make mammograms
more difficult to read and may corrupt equipment.
*** Best results are achieved with an 8 hour fast with only water and medications.
**** Although not entirely free to all, they are covered by most insurance plans.

The Relief Society of the LDS Church will be handing out
goodies to participants.

The Food Bank will be collecting donations of nonperishable food items.
We could not provide these screenings or services year after year
without the generosity of our sponsors:


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