Details for An Open Letter to Payson Voters

An Open Letter to Payson Voters
The voting process, leading up to the in-person election on
November 3, has begun. Two candidates are vying for the last
open seat on the Payson Town Council. The philosophical
differences between them couldn’t be more stark.
Jolynn Schinstock has promised to work for you and with
the other members of the Town Council. She has vowed to be
an independent voice and cast votes that will move our town
forward. In her professional life, she oversaw a
$400,000,000 Army budget with accountability for those
expenditures, a skill Payson critically needs at this time.
Deborah Rose, on the other hand, has pledged her allegiance
not to you, but to Mayor Tom Morrissey. In fact, Morrissey has
said that without Rose on the Payson Town Council “the next
two years will be wasted.” That outlandish statement in itself is
a threat to good governance.
Morrissey’s mayoral record has been dismal. His bad
judgment has cost us over $57,000 in wasted legal fees. He
supports projects that are in excess of what the town can afford.
His actions and rhetoric have divided our community. His
unprovoked illegal attacks on the town’s largest charity and the
RCEA stand as examples of his ignorance and incompetence.
He has voted for an over-budget splash pad at the expense
of the Taylor Pool. Now Rose has indicated in her ads that the
mayor has already secured “private funding” for the Taylor pool
cover. How does she know this? Is she already meeting and
planning with Morrissey to the exclusion of other town
council members? His agenda has not benefited us but
regretfully has bled the town treasury of our hard-earned tax
dollars. With Rose’s help things will only get worse.
Finally, when the two candidates agreed to two debates it
was done so with the mutual understanding that they would
discuss the issues and not engage in any mudslinging. At the
first debate, on September 30, Deborah broke her promise and
made a spectacle of herself by personally attacking Jolynn,
spewing lies and distortions. Subsequently, Jolynn, in an ad in
The Roundup, respectfully and with good reason, explained why
she was pulling out of the second debate. She had no choice.
As a citizen of Payson, it is your right to expect fair,
unbiased, and reasoned representation. A council member has
an obligation to provide that and more. Please vote for Jolynn
Schinstock. Payson cannot afford the alternative.
A Better Payson, LLC
Paid for by A Better Payson, LLC and not authorized by any
candidate or candidate’s committee.


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