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Top Seller Fears
Selling too low? Just like Buyers fear paying too
much, Sellers often worry over whether they could
have gotten a higher price. This can be particularly
true when a home sells fast. Real estate professionals know that when this happens, it’s most likely because the home was priced right and appropriately
marketed, but a Seller often has lingering thoughts
about “what if” they could have asked for more.
Your relationship with your real estate agent should
be one of trust, they earn your trust by advising you
and demonstrating they are your advocate.
How will the market respond to my home? What if
Buyers do not run to the front door the second the
house comes on the market, or the features that a
Seller thought Buyers would gush over simply get a
lukewarm “that’s nice” reaction? Your professional
real estate advisor should be able to assess your
house prior to taking the listing and give guidance
to highlight home features that have high appeal
to a Buyer and minimize those that may not be as
For instance, I just took a listing that has a very
steep driveway – common in Rim Country, but can
make Buyers from “flat” areas a bit nervous. Due
to my background in selling many view homes, I
am well-viced in demonstrating to Buyers that a
steep driveway is not really an issue and turn this
perceived obstacle into a nonevent.

Lots of showings, but no offers? How many
showings will it take to get an offer? Homes in a
certain price range see a lot of foot traffic and then
— silence. Assuming a Seller has properly prepped
and staged the house for sale and it is priced within
market range, it can still be difficult to compete
depending on the other options in the marketplace
that Buyers are considering. Selling a home is a
stressful experience, as it can feel as though it is out
of a Seller’s control.
What if the buyer can’t move forward? As exciting
as it can be to work out an accepted offer for both
parties, a Seller fears that once their home is under
contract, something will arise that the Buyer will
not close — “cold feet,” a job loss or financing
troubles. In most cases, Sellers are already in the
process of planning, packing and purchasing another property. The stress of a potential domino effect
can be overwhelming.
The best way for Sellers to address these potential
concerns it is retain a real estate professional that
is well-versed in representing listings and has a
proactive approach (rather than reactive). If you
are thinking about selling your house, call me to
address your concerns and get your property sold
for the most money, in the shortest amount of
time and with the least amount of stress!

Wendy L. Larchick


2101 East Rim Club Drive • Payson, AZ 85541


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