Payson Golf Club

The Payson Golf Club last week announced it was closing until July 20 after two employees tested positive for the coronavirus. Bobby Davis, marketing and membership director, said they were disinfecting the facility.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase in Gila County, the town officials are reminding residents to take extra precautions to help stop the spread.

Last week, another Rim Country Health and Rehabilitation resident died after testing positive for COVID-19. That brings the number of resident deaths at the facility to eight.

Also last week, the Payson Golf Club announced it was closing for at least 10 days after two employees tested positive.

As of July 10, there were 44 new cases, 16 cases under investigation, 293 confirmed cases and 12 deaths in Gila County.

Acting Town Manager Sheila DeSchaaf and Fire Chief David Staub last week in a press release said, “New cases seem to be related to large gatherings (such as church groups). A guess for this increase is in large groups — who are like family — maybe precautions are relaxed.”

On July 9, the Payson Golf Club announced it was suspending operations until July 20 after two of the facility’s 10 employees tested positive.

“We will be disinfecting our entire facility as well as continuing to maintain the course in anticipation for your return. Thank you for your understanding,” posted Bobby Davis, with the PGC.

On Thursday, Gov. Doug Ducey announced additional actions to contain the spread, including requiring restaurants with indoor seating to operate at less than 50% capacity. That order came after recent action taken by the governor to prohibit large gatherings, cease the issuance of new special event licenses and pause the operations of bars, indoor gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters, water parks and tubing rentals.

Some have criticized the governor for not doing more, including re-issuing a stay-at-home order.

The town asks residents to remain vigilant, wash your hands, do not touch your face, sanitize where you can, wear a facemask when you cannot maintain social distancing of more than six feet and if you feel sick, stay home or get medical attention, but do not expose other people.

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(3) comments

Steve Smith

Seems that leadership is a concept you clearly don’t understand. Ever ran a Town, city, county? If you had, you would realize that the news reaches to those responsible for running the town for comment. Why don’t you go to and look at the actual details that Sheila DeSchaff is referencing and commenting on. Sheila is clearly one of most professional and sound leaders in Town.

Sources reach Out to the leaders For comment or consideration.

Bruce W Heffner

Better watch your mouths on the church gatherings, you will not stop Jesus!

Phil Mason

Hey Sheila; Your conclusion is pure conjecture. Why don't you concentrate on making the town bureaucracy more efficient by reducing duplication, and eliminating unnecessary regulations. That will keep you in your lane so you will not have time to pontificate on a subject you have no experience or training in.

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