Ty Chilson dug his first fencepost hole when he opened Payson Fence in 1991.

On June 1, Payson Fence Company and Supply celebrates 30 years in business.

It’s been a challenging extended period for most business owners since the COVID-19 pandemic hit roughly a year ago.

But Chilson says business hasn’t fallen off for him and many others in the construction industry.

“There hasn’t been a drop off and I don’t understand it with how COVID has hurt so people and many businesses,” Chilson said.

“We’re considered essential and I don’t understand that. But I would have went crazy because I can’t sit around and do nothing.”

But the pandemic has contributed to issues for him and others in construction-related industries.

“The only thing that’s caused a little bit of a drop off for people I think is supply,” he said. “The supply chain has fallen apart.

“For instance, about (three and a half months) ago, I ordered some materials that were coming out of California and they told me it will be here on the 15th. Well, the 15th came and went and the materials were still sitting in California because they couldn’t get a truck driver to bring them from California to Phoenix. The trucking industry is taking a big hit right now.

“I ordered something else and I called and asked about it and they said, ‘Oh, we’re having issues with truckers right now.’ I believe and I understand because it’s happened to me before.”

While he keeps busy with Payson Fence projects, Chilson is well aware of the struggles others are having these days. His youngest daughter has struggled to find steady work as a restaurant server in the desert. Restaurants are among the businesses most affected by the pandemic.

Her sister hasn’t faced the same issues. But she’s dealing with her own job-related stress.

“My other daughter is an ICU nurse here,” he said. “She comes home crying every day. She can’t tell us much because of privacy policy, but she had an old man in she was pretty sure was going to die and he was crying and told her, ‘I don’t want to die.’

Chilson is a former Payson High football, track and field, baseball and basketball star. He was inducted into the Payson High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Chilson is the former school record-holder in both the 100 and 200 meters in track.

Payson Fence does plenty of projects and has the experience to handle unique situations.

One property owner hired the company to install a privacy fence on one side of their yard. Their property slopes down in the back, but their neighbor’s does not. As Chilson was about to attach the planks where the slope begins, the owner decided he wanted the fence to be at the same height all the way to the back of the property.

Chilson quickly adapted to the change, adding more support boards up high then sawing planks to insert below the six-foot planks so the customer wouldn’t have a new privacy fence where the neighbor could just stand in his backyard, which was several feet higher, and easily see over the fence.

For an estimate on your project, call Ty Chilson and Payson Fence Company and Supply at 928-474-7400.

Contact the reporter at kmorris@payson.com

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