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The Payson AZ Community Crisis Relief seeks solutions to supply shortages and offers help to those shut in due to illness or other difficulties. They have a Facebook page, but also a phone number and email address.

Some Rim Country residents have rolled up their sleeves and come together to provide help for shut-ins and those struggling to find needed supplies during this COVID-19 crisis.

Gloria McClurkan, Brittney Rehm and Macy Clifft have joined forces to create The Payson AZ Community Crisis Relief on Facebook with the purpose of helping struggling locals find what they need.

With shelves empty of toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other critical needs, those without need help.

“I’m just a person who put an idea on a page,” said McClurkan.

It all started with Facebook posts.

“It had just bothered me so bad seeing all of these folks posting about things they couldn’t find. This seemed like a good start,” she said.

The group says the page is a place to share ideas and ways to help the community with the goal of helping residents get the items they need or can’t find and picking up things for those who may be at risk.

Already Pine/Strawberry resident Windy Quinton has offered a meal “because no one should go hungry.”

Crystal Stevens offered an extra pack of baby wipes.

The group seeks isopropyl alcohol for a young man in town who uses a bottle a day because of his medical needs.

Others have picked up prescriptions or goods to drive to elders in remote areas.

What the group hopes anyone with any symptoms will do — stay at home.

“Please do not go out,” said McClurkan. “If you’re needing stuff from the store please order it if available, and one of us can pick it up and deliver. We will be leaving your order at your front door or other place specified at the time. It is nothing personal if we are not coming in and visiting.”

But McClurkan worries. Many Rim Country seniors do not have access to the internet. She fears these are “people who could slip between the cracks, but will be in need.”

To help those without internet access, Brittney Rehm staffs the phones. The number is 928-963-2345.

By email, send a message to

Otherwise, McClurkan carries a small pad to take notes if she comes across folks who need help, so she can compile lists.

“This is a community effort, and the community needs to get involved,” said McClurkan.

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