Vice Mayor Chris Higgins won his runoff with current Mayor Tom Morrissey with 50.85% of the vote.

Despite the outstanding ballots left to count on Nov. 8, Higgins not only kept his lead over Morrissey but increased it to 208. At first, it looked as if the day-of-vote trend that favored Morrissey would continue, but it didn’t.

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Steve Sarvent

It will be hard to be any worse than the last one. I wish him luck.

Jeff Robbins

It is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or loser.

Win With Pride, Lose with Dignity, Learn from Both.

You may win or lose, but just by being part of the struggle, you win.

Our democracy can't survive without people willing to stick their necks out and run for office. You had the courage to do it.

If you lost, that means you ran. You took a chance and put yourself out there. It took guts. Too many people are happy to shout from the sidelines, to criticize and critique and point fingers at what’s wrong. By running, you took responsibility. You stopped being a spectator and became an active part of solving a problem.

If you lost, that means you and your friends and family, and supporters took time and energy and money and applied it toward the democratic process.

Feel Proud.

Victory in a democracy is not a crowning. Victory in an election is a chance to do better. Victory is a chance to make a path for all people instead of a few. Winners and losers need each other for the sake of democratic governance.

Congratulation reflects the willingness of both sides to seek dialogue, consensus, and unity in the path forward.

Mike White

And now we are back to pre-Transparency group running the Town. Watch them try to circumvent the propositions that require voter approval of certain expenditures. Watch them try to raise taxes. And now we have the MHA people installed in almost every Town Council position. Watch the Town Council approve zoning changes for the MHA to build profitable (to them) enterprises in the education-use only acreage they bought from the USFS (and thus American taxpayers) for pennies on the dollar. And where will the profit go? Will it be sent somewhere out of state?

Paul Frommelt

Hold on to your wallets! Progressive socialism is now entrenched in town government. And the article states, he owns a local business? What business does he own? His ice cream store went down in 2018. He cannot legally be listed as an owner of KRIM, as Low Power FM stations can ONLY be owned by non-profit entities. Higgins doesn't even own a home, or property in town. He does not even rent a home, but instead, lives in an RV illegally in Steve And Tina Smith's back yard!

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