Katie Hobbs victory

The Secretary of State's office has asked a court to consider criminal charges against two Cochise County supervisiors who have refused to certify election results. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs - show here - won the governor's race. However, her margin of victor would increase if the vote is not certified in heavily Republican Cochise County. In addition, a congressional seat would flip to the Democrts and Democratic Superintendent of Education would win her statewide race if the Cochise County votes aren't certified.

PHOENIX -- Governor-elect Katie Hobbs laid out her priorities for the next four years, promising to work with the Republican-controlled Legislature to solve problems -- but with a political warning to those who choose a different path.

"Republicans and Democrats will have an open door to my office so we can get to work, find bipartisan compromise and deliver for the people of Arizona,'' Hobbs said in a victory speech Tuesday to supporters.

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Steve Sarvent

Our choice was an Obama and Clinton supporter or a Democrat. We did not have very good candidates this election.

Marjorie Oldenkamp

The US was founded in immigrants. At present, we are in severe need of people who want to work. Let's welcome people who have a desire to work and better themselves.

Mike White

As long as they are legal, going through the system to vet them and minimize the likelihood they will be on public assistance, and to make sure they can add needed skills to any labor openings. None of this is done now with the uncontrolled chaos at the border.

Jeff Robbins


Jeff Robbins


Mike White

Will she commit to cleaning up the disastrous election processes in AZ that are the laughing stock of the country, and much of the world. I am doubtful since she has been in charge of them and has allowed (or maybe enabled?) the malfeasance to flourish on her watch.

Will she do anything to reduce the flood of illegals and drugs across the AZ border since her party has benefited from the immigrants providing more votes for Democrats?

Don Manthe

Still holding on to those arguments after several years with no facts to support alleged election fraud or illegal voting? How tiresome....🙄🙄

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