My brother, Paul Gosar, was elected to Congress in 2010, but it was not until late 2017 that we first spoke out against him. In September of 2018 six of us also appeared in a viral video supporting the Brill campaign and asking people not to vote for Paul.

Let’s be clear. Our opposition has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with Paul’s demonstrated unfitness for office. We kept our peace during his first seven years in Congress, even while he voted to deprive some of us of healthcare coverage and attacked us in many other ways.

No, this isn’t about politics. What finally triggered our reaction was Paul’s disgraceful performance on VICE News.

In 2017 Paul was sued by a constituent for blocking her on Facebook. In his televised interview and for no reason, Paul shockingly suggested that 88-year-old George Soros, a well known Democratic donor, was behind the deadly Charlottesville Nazi rally. Paul also made the outrageous suggestion that Mr. Soros, who survived the Holocaust and was only 14 years old when World War II ended, collaborated with the Nazis.

Paul’s words were particularly appalling since Mr. Soros is Jewish. These and other such comments have helped feed the anti-Semitism that just resulted in the murder of 11 people in a Jewish synagogue and an attempt on Mr. Soros’ life. When a Campbell’s Soup executive recently uttered Soros conspiracy nonsense, he was promptly fired.

Paul’s slander was strongly condemned by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). They demanded a retraction, as we did in a letter to a Kingman newspaper. Rather than having the decency to apologize, Paul doubled down during an interview on CNN and claimed the network was trafficking in “fake news.” He never apologized.

That isn’t the only time Paul proved he is unfit for office. Here are just a few examples among the many I could discuss:

While John McCain was battling cancer, Paul quickly lobbied Gov. Ducey to appoint him as McCain’s replacement. Rushing in to cynically profit from another’s misfortune is ice cold and reprehensible, and consequently he was called out by McCain’s biographer, Mark Salter.

Paul supports the Oath Keepers, a group the ADL describes as "heavily armed extremists with a conspiratorial and anti-government mindset looking for potential showdowns with the government." Paul calls them “true patriots.” The founder of the Oath Keepers, Elmer Rhodes, said in 2015 at a Tempe, AZ rally that decorated war hero John McCain should be convicted of treason and “hung by the neck until dead.”

In July of 2018 Paul marched in London for Tommy Robinson, who’s been convicted of offenses for drugs, assault, mortgage fraud and using a phony passport to illegally enter the United States. Robinson is also the founder of the English Defence League, an organization linked to violent neo-Nazi groups. Paul’s $10,000 trip was bankrolled by the anti-Muslim hate group the Middle East Forum. White supremacists David Duke and Richard Spencer also supported Robinson’s rally. A prominent Scottish newspaper, The National, reacted to Paul’s participation by writing: “When an ignoramus of a congressman goes blundering into support for a neo-Nazi criminal, he should be told to butt out by everyone of right mind anywhere.”

In 2014, Paul rallied around Cliven Bundy and his armed supporters in a standoff against police, adding that he was “worried more about the paramilitary aspects” of the BLM than Bundy’s illegal militia. Later, members of Bundy’s mob coldly murdered two Las Vegas police officers while they ate lunch. Paul never condemned Bundy’s horribly racist comments during that standoff, in which Bundy referred to “the Negro” and wondered if they were “better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things ....” Even Sean Hannity publicly denounced Bundy.

Paul repeatedly deceives voters. For example, in 2012 he said he would move to Prescott, but he still lives in Flagstaff where he has for more than 30 years. Flagstaff is not in the congressional district he represents.

Paul also supports taking children away from their immigrant parents at the border — an inhumane, unnecessarily cruel and heartless policy that shames our great nation.

These incidents, and there are many others, show a disturbing lack of judgment and character; and they are unquestionably deplorable. Paul is simply not fit to serve. As the editorial board of The Arizona Republic concluded in February 2018, he brings “serial embarrassment” to Arizona and, I would add, to his family and himself. It’s time for him to go.

David Gosar is U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar’s brother and a supporter of the incumbent's Democratic opponent in the 4th Congressional District, David Brill.


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