Jeffrey Aal

Council candidate Jeffrey Aal claims he did not misquote Hallie Overman-Jackman said at the Tea Party meeting.

Jeffrey Scott Aal

Age: 53

Years in Payson: 5

Education: Bachelor of Arts in political science; minor in public administration

Work experience: Oil fields/industrial projects as a welding inspector. Last 25 years as multi-line claims adjuster with emphasis on commercial property losses. Self-employed the last 17 years. We own a private independent adjusting company. We grew the business to cover five western states and scaled back concurrent with our move to Payson to find a better balance and in anticipation of retirement.

Family: Wife, Shana Noe and daughter Delainey Noe. Dog(s): Hoodlum and Suki

Are you part of any organizations/groups? No. (None will have me.)

Why are you running? I firmly believe government should serve and not circumvent the citizens.

What do you hope to accomplish? I have no predetermined goals or agenda. I am a supporter of growth, lower taxes and better efficiency. I come with a strong attention to detail and a problem-solving attitude. I value integrity and expect honesty in local officials.

What convinced you to run? I believe that government has become the proposed solution for too many problems at the cost of the citizen. I can have a greater impact to ensure the voice of citizens at the local level.

What makes you the best candidate? I have demonstrated a willingness and commitment to place the citizens’ needs before the government’s or special interests and will continue to do so. Locally, most know my name as the chairman of “Transparent Payson.” That group has placed two initiatives on the August ballot that will protect citizens’ input and oversight i.e., the right to vote on local issues.

What life experience do you have that will make you a better council member? People are not defined by their experiences. They are defined by their ability to think, reason and connect with others. Experiences hone those skills and traits, but experiences do not define individuals. My skills and traits have been honed in a variety of ways. Growing up I spent a fair amount of time on a ranch. I can spot manure pretty quickly and know best how to muck it. Draw from that what you will. I have had a job from the age of 10 forward. Each teaching valuable life lessons. Things that are not taught in school. Hard work, honor, integrity, making and keeping commitments. Doing what you must so you have the opportunities to do what you can. Personally, as have all, I have had losses that seemed too great to bear; many of my own making. Each experience making a more tempered and polished person. With some luck that process will continue.

What is your biggest weakness? Strength?

The same thing that makes you laugh, is going to make you cry. My strength is in a tenacious will. That is also my greatest weakness. (Well, OK, chocolate chip cookies ... really.) I am fortunate that those around me can redirect me when that comes out of balance. (Equally fortunate that they make a good cookie.)

Top 3 issues:

  • Citizen input and oversight
  • Transparent government
  • Growth of payroll and employee headcount of the town. We simply have too high a per capita cost when compared to other communities of our size.

Do you think the current council is doing a good job? No.

What is the best thing they have done? They do a great job at passing out achievement awards and no bid contracts.

Worst thing? Sales tax increase with no vote and Rumsey Park/Community Center Partners/Varxity, again with no plans for a vote. An apparent predetermined outcome without significant discussion on various issues.

What motto do you live by? I don’t have a motto. I try daily to be true to myself and my ideals. No motto required.

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