Jim Ferris

Jim Ferris

Jim Ferris

Age: 66

Years in Payson: 2.5

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education – Magna Cum Laude

Work experience: Bank vice president and commercial loan officer; site coordinator First Tee of Phoenix (junior golf program); Payson Christian School teacher; locomotive engineer UPRR; general residential contractor.

Family: Two adult children and four grandchildren


• Mountain Bible Church

• Vice president, board of New Beginnings Pregnancy Center

• Vice president, Payson Tea Party

• Payson Junior Golf Academy

Why are you running? I want to preserve the nature and character of the community, which is what drew me here. I have talked to a lot of citizens in Payson in the last six months and I have heard many of the same frustrations that I was experiencing. I believe that I can make a positive difference for the citizens, the community and the businesses of Payson.

What do you hope to accomplish? Transparency. I hope to find practical common-sense solutions to Payson’s most pressing challenges. I will focus on fiscal responsibility while improving streets, public safety and utilities.

What convinced you to run? I was encouraged to run by many people who shared my concerns with the direction the town was taking.

What makes you the best candidate? Experience; values; knowing I work for the people — not the other way around; a compulsive desire to research and study the facts and history behind the issues; and an ability to connect the relevant dots. I will not let emotions dictate my decisions.

What life experience do you have that will make you a better council member? I have confidence in my background and experience, but most of all, it’s whether a candidate has the sense of responsibility and ambition to sensibly use due diligence with each issue brought before the council. I am that man.

What is your biggest weakness? Strength? Weakness: Impatience with emotionally and hastily made decisions that are not well-founded. Strength: Standing up for principles and not giving in to the go-along to get-along mentality.

Top 3 issues:

• Transparency

• Internet redundancy

• Sensible Firewise implementation

Do you think the current council is doing a good job? I’m running for town council to make a positive change for the better — I’m running for something, I’m not running against something. However, I would not be running at all if I thought that the current administration was on a path I believed to be beneficial and representative of the citizens of Payson.

What is the best thing they have done? They motivated me to run for town council.

Worst thing? Took a less than transparent approach to proposed actions and projects.

What motto do you live by? The golden rule.

Contact the reporter at abechman@payson.com

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