Kim Chittick

Age: 57

Years in Payson: 24 years; 22 of them in the same house.

Education: 3.5 years of college. Life/Health insurance license and Amateur Radio operators license

Work experience: Retired; owned an estate/financial planning business with husband where I worked as an independent life/health insurance agent and facilitated estate planning, marketing and presenting living trusts; former part-time travel agent; owned a small and local retail sales space in Green Mountain Emporium. Extensive volunteer work and consultant to Angel of Mercy Domestic Violence Shelter in Chandler.

Family: Joyfully married to a wonderful man, Michael, who blessed me with two bonus kids, who in turn gave me two wonderful daughters-in-love and two adorable granddaughters. I also adore our 6-year-old Maltese-papillon Zeeo.

Are you part of any organizations/groups?

  • Current president of the Tonto Amateur Radio Association
  • Founder and coordinator of AZ Vette Runners
  • Coordinator of Sassy Sisters
  • Member of American Radio Relay League
  • Member of an online international cleft support group

Why are you running? I am running for office because I believe in making a difference in my community. And I believe that with my background, knowledge and experience, I can truly make a difference.

What do you hope to accomplish? I hope to be part of the controlled growth of Payson. I hope to see the Rumsey Park Master Plan come to fruition and I hope to have a part in making Payson a destination, rather than a pass-through.

What convinced you to run? The support and belief of my husband and friends that I could and should make a difference is what convinced me to run for a seat on the Payson Town Council.

What makes you the best candidate? I believe that there are several factors which make me the best candidate: First and foremost, I have lived in Payson 24 years. I am very stable here. I have seen what worked and what didn’t and I’ve no intent to make Payson something that it shouldn’t be, nor like someplace else. I have an open and inquisitive mind. I learned to think very critically and analytically. I love research and will always make my decisions based on my research as well as on the input that I derive from the people who voted me into office. I have served on several boards where I held several different positions including that of officer, committee chair and most frequently as parliamentarian, for which I was well versed in Robert’s Rules of Order, the rules by which most meetings are conducted, including Payson Town Council meetings. Finally, I believe that I would be the best candidate because I am my own person. I am not beholden, not linked, to anybody or to any group, party, or entity; nor do I belong to any group, party or entity which may think that they have any influence over me or my vote.

What life experience do you have that will make you a better council member? I believe that the life experience which will make me a better candidate is that I was born with a cleft palate, which has been repaired and I learned at a very young age to speak up for myself and to not let anybody bully or cow me. I learned to be very strong and self-sufficient. I also learned that all people have differences and to interact with, and treat each person equally.

What is your biggest weakness? Strength? My biggest weakness is that I detest and have no tolerance for bullies, and my biggest strength is that I am very strong-willed and determined. I would also say that my husband is my biggest weakness, as well as my biggest strength.

Top 3 issues:

  • Rumsey Park Master Plan
  • Improving the multi-event center
  • Road and street maintenance

Do you think the current council is doing a good job? I do think that the current council is doing a good job. I think that they inherited some issues from the previous administration which they didn’t expect, however, I think that they have done an admirable job of cleaning up and making the best of many difficulties.

What is the best thing they have done? I believe that the best thing they have done is initiate the Rumsey Park Master Plan. Payson needs something which will unite the community and I believe that a community center will be that “heart of Payson” which we have been looking for.

Worst thing? I cannot come up with anything that I would say is a “worst thing” that they have done. Even the tax increase, which some people have issue with, is something which, understanding the reasons it was put into place, make sense. Of course, nobody likes tax increases, however, we all want to recruit and keep great first responders and if we don’t support their pension plan we won’t be able to recruit and keep the good ones.

What motto do you live by? I live by two mottos: Be the best person you can be, and live well, laugh often, love greatly!

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