Rep. Paul Gosar wrapped up a runaway victory over Democratic challenger Dr. David Brill in the heavily Republican District 4, which includes all of Rim Country.

At 10 p.m. last night, Gosar had 68 percent of the vote — and a 65,000-vote lead over Brill, with just 31 percent of the vote.

Gosar has strongly supported President Donald Trump, calling for the trial of top Justice Department officials for treason, as a result of the long-running investigation into alleged Russian attempts to influence the presidential election.

Gosar has also fiercely criticized the Affordable Care Act as well as Republican House and Senate leadership — calling them “idiots” at a recent appearance in Payson.

Brill made little impact on Gosar’s dominance in the district, which encompasses most of far-western Arizona, Prescott, the Verde Valley and Rim Country.

Brill’s use of a commercial featuring six of Gosar’s siblings and his embrace of a proposal to open up the Medicare program to the buy-in by people younger than 65, did not sway voters.

A former top official in the Department of Veterans Affairs in Arizona, Brill ran a vigorous campaign that criss-crossed the district. But he did little better than token Democratic candidates that have challenged Gosar in the past two elections.

However, Democrats nationally gained control of the House — although it appears Republicans increased their margin in the Senate.

As a result, Gosar will return as a member of the minority party in the House.

Results last night in the state’s nine congressional seats had Democrats ahead in five seats and Republicans ahead in four, including Gosar’s.

On Tuesday Democratic House candidates gained about 35 seats, with an overall popular vote advantage of about 9 percent.


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