Reagan, Ducey and Bronovich

Secretary of State Michelle Reagan, Governor Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Bronovich certify results of November election. 

Attorney General Mark Brnovich warned Monday that people “need to be really careful when making serious allegations’’ about election fraud or other issues or risk undermining democracy.

Brnovich’s comments came on the heels of the state formally certifying the results of last month’s election. There were no surprises in the legally required formality involving Brnovich, Gov. Doug Ducey, Secretary of State Michele Reagan and Supreme Court Chief Justice Scott Bales.

But the results come on the heels of charges by Jonathan Lines, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, that there were irregularities in the procedures used. And Lines even has started his own party-financed “independent audit’’ of the practices in Maricopa County.

Ducey, as the top elected Republican in the state — and someone who got help from the state GOP — repeatedly dodged questions about the efforts by the party chairman to question the conduct of the vote.

“I refer you to Mr. Lines for those questions,’’ he said.

“We have had some concerns around certain issues, but I’m not going to expand on that,’’ Ducey said.

Brnovich, however, gave a somewhat more direct response to the question about the activities of Lines, though he didn’t mention the state GOP which also provided financial help for his own reelection effort.

“One of the things I think that’s problematic in the country today is that people are undermining the integrity of institutions, all sorts of institutions.’’

But the attorney general said this isn’t just a problem of the GOP’s making.

“Both sides are doing it and it needs to stop,’’ Brnovich said. “It’s why politics gets so nasty in this country.’’

Neither Lines nor his press aide responded to requests for comment.

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