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The cost of the county’s new complex in Payson went up recently due to some unanticipated costs for security. Officials hope to have the building finished by December.

Incompatible security hardware is adding almost $100,000 to the cost of the new county complex in Payson.

The vendor used by the contractor, CORE Construction, Inc., for the Payson complex cannot provide the proprietary equipment needed for the facility’s security needs.

To switch vendors to Stanley Security will cost $99,965, raising the project price from $5,548,099 to $5,558,901.

The change will make the security system compatible with all county buildings.

District 1 Supervisor Steve Christensen put the blame for the error with the contractor. Assistant County Manager Homero Vela, who is overseeing the complex project said the county and architect are equally responsible for not realizing the problem earlier. He added the hardware can be used at other facilities not needing Stanley Security compatibility.

Officials have estimated that the project will be complete by mid-December 2021.

At a special May 25 meeting, the board of supervisors approved spending $278,984 on new furnishings for the building.

The project is part of a $10 million bond, which the county is paying back with existing revenue, not through new taxes.

In addition to the county complex in Payson, the other capital improvement projects completed so far include a new animal shelter at the Gila County Fairgrounds in Globe; a new probation office and teen center in Payson in a remodeled office complex; new space for health and emergency services in the old NAPA building on West Main in Payson; and a coming remodel of the Sheriff’s Office in Payson.

The Payson County Complex will provide space for jury trials; offices for all three county supervisors and a meeting room; and offices for other county services.

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(3) comments

Judy Radigan

That someone in the review process did not see this incompatibility is outrageous. That the town would not have verified all aspects of this before rendering the award to a company is insulting.

Mike White

If the County is not capable of overseeing projects like this, then they should not do so, and instead delegate to the contractors who are capable and as such take responsibility for such a basic oversight. This is an unacceptable error of incompetence by the County that is leading to a very large amount of wasted taxpayer money. This reminds me of the inadequate civil engineering planning for the Cragin pipeline where none of the planning engineers or the pipeline trenching company thought to test for subsurface hard-rock granite between here and the Rim, leading to many millions of dollars of overruns to be picked up, not by the error-prone planners, but by the water rate payers. No private corporation in the competitive marketplace could get away with passing along the costs of its project estimating and planning malfeasance to its customers.

Sally Mccormac

Unbelievable, all of this should have been included in the project business plan. We need new leaders whom can actually execute a project properly.

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