The Gila County Board of Supervisors approved accepting two grants, totaling $40,000 from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for the sheriff’s office on Oct. 20.

One grant for $25,000 is to support GCSO personnel services, including overtime and employee-related expenses to enhance DUI/impaired driving enforcement.

The second grant for $15,000 will support GCSO speed enforcement activities.

The BOS also gave its approval to submitting a Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program grant application for $57,348 to provide the GCSO with digital portable radios that will allow interoperable multi-agency communications during emergency situations.

Another COVID-19 funding item was presented to the board by Michael O’Driscoll, director, Gila County Health and Emergency Management.

He reminded the board that recently the county was awarded $1.6 million in COVID-19 response funds from the Arizona Department of Health Services. O’Driscoll explained the money was to be used for a variety of costs associated with the COVID-19 response: salaries, the purchase of test kits, and hiring support staff.

The primary goals for the funds are to create a fully implemented, scalable, and sustainable, comprehensive disease investigation, detection, surveillance and rapid response section to the county’s Health Emergency Operations Center. The funds would also be used for expanded testing, contact tracing and increasing community prevention.

County manager James Menlove said the grant would also help save the county between $200,000 and $300,000.

Part of that money was awarded at the Oct. 20 BOS meeting. O’Driscoll asked the board to award to Command Solutions 4 of Phoenix a $442,000 contract for the period Oct. 10, 2020, to Feb. 28, 2022. The contractor is to provide incident management support for the county’s COVID-19 response efforts.

The Incident Command may include:

• Supervise the organization’s on-scene response.

• Assume command or when relieved at start of next operational period.

• Assess the situation and provide recommendations to Gila County.

• Order warning of persons at risk or potentially at risk to take appropriate protective actions.

• Notify or verify internal teams, departments, public agencies, regulators, contractors, and suppliers have been notified.

• Appoint others to incident command positions as needed.

• Brief staff on current organization and activities, assign tasks, schedule planning meetings.

• Determine the incident objectives and strategy, identify information needed or required by others, ensure planning/strategy meetings are held and attend as needed.

• Coordinate activities with the EOC, identify priorities and activities, provide impact assessment for business continuity, crisis communications and management.

• Review requests for resources, confirm who has authority to approve procurement, approve all requests for resources as required.

• Provide information to and coordinate with crisis communications or media relations team.

• Terminate the response and demobilize resources when the situation has been stabilized.

It will also manage logistics:

• Provides support and coordination of resources to stabilize the incident and support personnel, systems, and equipment, workspace or facilities for incident management staff, media briefing center, transportation, communications equipment, food, water, shelter, and medical care.

• Ensures Incident Command Post and other facilities have been established as needed.

• Provides an electronic inventory management tool to track resources, costs, and incoming and outgoing supplies.

• Provide status reports to the Gila County health director on a regular basis.

• Assess communications needs and facilitates communications between teams/personnel/agencies.

• Attend planning and other coordination meetings, provide input to Incident Action Plan.

• Provides updates and recommendations on resources (availability, response time, deployment).

• Estimates and procures resources for the next operational period.

• Pre-planning for max-vaccination operations, to include storage, transportation, and on-site operations logistics in areas throughout Gila County.

Malissa Buzan, director of the county’s Community Services Department, sought the board’s approval of an amendment to an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Economic Security to increase the case management service reimbursement ceiling to $437,139 and increase the Community Services reimbursement ceiling to $472,500 for the period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. She said the first increase is an addition of $86,000 and the second is an increase of $112,000. The money would help facilitate the department’s services to the homeless and extend its rent assistance program.

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