Tim Humphrey

Tim Humphrey, District 2 Gila County Supervisor, is the new chair of the board of supervisors.

Tim Humphrey is the new chair of the Gila County Board of Supervisors. The District 2 Supervisor was named to the post at the Jan. 5 meeting of the BOS.

At that same meeting, Humphrey and District 2 Supervisor Woody Cline, outgoing chair, were scheduled to fill the vacancy created by the death of District 1 Supervisor Tommie Martin.

Before going into an executive session to discuss the potential candidates, both Humphrey and Cline said they were not ready to fill the seat. No vote was taken.

In other county business

The supervisors were asked to approve cost increases due to change orders for both the Gila County Payson Complex Multipurpose Building and Site Improvements Project and the Animal Care and Control facility in Globe.

The change order for the Payson complex cost is $34,350, amending the project contract amount not to exceed $456,000.

“The building is more expensive than we anticipated,” James Menlove, county manager told the BOS.

“We are shifting things around to stay in budget. I had a long talk with Sheriff Adam Shepherd and we will have to put off the remodel at the Payson jail,” he said.

The remodels at the jail were to expand and rearrange office space, plus improve the kitchen and laundry facilities. Menlove said the room at the back of the building, which is sometimes used for court, could be cleared out and may work to meet some remodeling needs.

Responding to Cline’s concerns about jail safety in Payson, Menlove said the project never was to address the cells and there is not much that can be done with them, anyway.

Included in this change order are:

• Revision of the Frontier Street right-of-way improvements on the south side of Frontier Street east and west of Colcord.

• Revise the south Frontier Street right-of-way design including a right turn only “lamb chop” and ADA access at the sidewalk.

• Provide ADA sidewalk and curb cuts and driveway improvements at the existing driveway off the Beeline Highway.

• Revise the area to be repaved on the east-west driveway south of the new building site (Beeline to Colcord).

• Provide Fiber Optic conduit from the new IT Room on the new building to two connection points on the east building site. (Does not include conduit design under Colcord).

• Revise the right-of-way improvements along both sides of Colcord.

• Revise the design of the parking lot and other site improvements on the west of Colcord property.

• Civil engineering coordination with the County/Town storm water management project being designed by others (Kimley Horn).

Architekton, Inc. will be required to complete the tasks outlined in this change order as it has the expertise to coordinate the building and site design. The county has used Architekton, Inc. throughout the process of designing the site and building. Architekton, Inc. has the experience, staff, and expertise to design these site and building improvements.

Gila County Facilities Management assumed the responsibility to design and fund all septic related systems for the Animal Care and Control Facility in Globe. Representatives of Gila County originally estimated the design and an allowance for construction was contracted at the $70,000 level. The total cost of Change Order, over the Septic System Allowance of $70,000, is $70,658.45 (or $140,658.45 total).

Due to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) requirements and soil conditions, the final design called for an enhanced system. Included is a hair removal system, separate human and animal septic systems with five tanks, four filters (including BioCoir filters), and a two-tank drip/leachate system. ADEQ required separate systems in order to properly treat animal waste. Soil conditions required the alternative Anua system because of percolation test failures. The Anua system also allows for the reclamation of the treated wastewater in the future.

Loven Contracting, Inc., as the project General Contractor, has submitted the described septic system project out for bid. Work included in the design includes:

• All Anua equipment, including BioCoir Controls

• Electrical Panel and Feed

• Water supply throughout the system

Loven Contracting, Inc., through its subcontractors, will be required to complete the construction outlined in this change order.

Loven Contracting, Inc. has the expertise to coordinate the building and site construction, according to the Facilities Management Team presentation to the BOS.

The supervisors approved both change orders, but Cline cautioned, “When everything is done, we can’t spend more than $10 million and that could mean cutting back on things.”

Bridge contract awardedThe supervisors awarded a contract for the Rim Trail Bridge Replacement Project.

It replaces the bridge over the East Verde River 12 miles north of Payson on Bridge Road in the Rim Trail subdivision. The structure was built in 1984. In May 2020, the Rim Trail Bridge received a sufficiency rating of 16% out of 100% by the Arizona Department of Transportation contract bridge inspectors. Gila County had anticipated a low rating and had replacement plans produced.

There were 8 bids made for the project. AZ Western Contracting, Inc. submitted the lowest bid, $314,999, which was lower than the county’s estimate, according to Steve Sanders, director of the county’s public works department.

“We have worked with AZ Westerner Contracting in the past and were pleased with the results.”

The bridge project should be completed in October 2021.

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