The Women, Infant, Children (WIC) program provides food for low-income women and their young children — and more than just supplemental assistance, the program promotes nutrition education, healthy food options and choices during and after pregnancy.

Want advice on the best foods as your baby grows and matures through life stages of toddler and preschooler? WIC staff can help!

WIC continues to improve services: most recent is the new option of online appointments after you have been enrolled in the program. These new appointment options can save you time from having to come into the office for your appointment or having to miss work or work around school schedules. WIC online is called “WIC Your Way,” which also allows you to connect with other mothers like you where you can discuss and share your concerns/achievements and receive helpful advice and tips from qualified nutrition consultants.

WIC also has exciting new changes to its food options. Come in to the WIC office or call to learn more about these exciting new changes.

Eligibility is based on gross income — for example, a pregnant woman is considered a “family of two” with limited to income no more than $1,204 every two weeks, or $2,607 per month. Add a child, and the limit for a “family of three” is $1,518 every two weeks or $3,289 per month; family of four is $1,833 every two weeks or $3,970 per month; family of five $2,147 every two weeks or $4,652 per month; family of six $2,462 every two weeks or $5,333 per month per month; family of seven $2,776 every two weeks or $6,015 per month; family of eight $3,091 every two weeks or $6,696 per month.

WIC helps provide food for women with children up to 5 years of age, also pregnant and breastfeeding women — and women whose pregnancy ended within the prior six months.

To learn more, stop by the office at the Gila County complex at Suite A, 107 W. Frontier St., or call 928-474-7181.

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