Diamondbacks opening

Last week’s Christopher Creek column was on hiatus for a trip to see family and the Diamondbacks on Opening Day in the Valley.

Christopher Creek is a place of peace and joy, a place of happiness and pleasure, a place of giving and sharing. It is a small community, but is also part of a larger community of those who come here for some of what we have.

When word comes of a tragic accident there is this solemn air over us. Whispered one-on-one conversations ask the questions of how and why. Many turn to hope and prayer. Questions go unanswered and what little is known is too sad to put into words. In the end many feel only helplessness.

As this is written, 24-year-old Destiny Hoyt clings to life in a Chandler hospital.

We were surprised with a visit from the Rod Beall family on the weekend. While daughter Ema and her cousin, Juliette, picked dandelions, Rod’s wife Melissa brought out little Rodney. It was his first trip to the mountains. He had a rough start coming out of the oven two months early. From that tiny beginning he is now, at 6 months, a big, happy boy, flashing a huge smile and seemingly enjoying his visit. The Beall cabin is way back in the See Canyon homes subdivision.

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association held its annual Easter egg hunt last Saturday. The crew of Marge Anderson, Alex and Irma Armenta, Sal and Kathy Mesta, Judy Hansel and the Petersons spent the morning with preparations. However, they were not prepared for a weak turnout.

Evan McDonough, Braden Poffenberger and little Brooklyn Flores had little competition as they excitedly went about collecting the eggs. We will blame the small turnout on the lack of an announcement in last week’s missing column in the Roundup.

The Landmark will be closed Sunday in observance of Easter. Sheila’s Creekside will be serving an Easter brunch and will close at 2 p.m.

Overgaard’s Pine Meadows has sold and will be closed for the entire 2017 season. We hope that means they will be undergoing course improvements. Therefore the annual Eagles golf tournament has been canceled. This solves a dilemma for many of us as the May 22 date is also the date of Olive’s 90th birthday party. Olive ran the iconic Creekside Steakhouse and Tavern for 37 years. The 1 p.m. affair will be a potluck and it would be a good idea to mark that on your calendar.

With the cancellation of the golf tournament, it might be a good time for a second OW Open. About 20 years ago Larry Boeschling laid out a six-hole course around the ranch through pastures and meadows, over fences and along Canyon Creek. It was a true test of golf prowess. We recall one of those holes was more than 600 yards long. There were 10 of us who spent the better part of the day just searching for golf balls.

Lots of folks are up doing their cleanup around their places. Perhaps the queen of such activity is Patricia, a workaholic who spends day after day raking and hauling on a large property along the creek. In the midst of her chores she took time to stack several cords of firewood for their campfires. Tom and Patricia have a lot on the old Dale Ashby place.

My trip to the Valley yielded a Diamondbacks’ victory on Opening Day and another win at Mariah’s softball game. My sister’s 55th birthday surprise party came off without a hitch, even though she accused her oldest brother of barging into a full restaurant. Linda was unaware that she was guest of honor at a table of 16 awaiting just inside the door. Mother is doing fine for one who is soon to turn 93.

It happened down at Chuck Schmitt’s garage/shop/bar last week. A very large bird, clutching its prey, flew in the open door and tried to escape through the skylight. After flapping around and dropping its lunch it retreated out the door. It scared the pants off ol’ Chuck, who hit the floor in a “crouch-and-cover” defense. In such position, he caught only a glimpse of the intruder, which he described as larger than a hawk and smaller than a plane.

A strange character interrupted entertainer Steve Bacon at Creekside Saturday evening. He was a weirdly dressed singing messenger with a Richard Simmons voice who dropped by to lead the birthday song for Debbie the bartender. Doesn’t take much to entertain us around here ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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