Christopher Creek in years past had a much larger retiree demographic. Going back 30 years, names such as the Wilsons, Byrnes, Pennington, Simpsons, Kuntz, Garners, Henrys, Mystrom, Tidwells, Palmquists, DeRosers, Wells and Conklins easily come to mind. Olive Matus, who owned Creekside for 37 years, or Karen Elerich, who was a waitress at Creekside for 29 years, could name dozens of more folks, both full- or part-time retired residents.

What brings all those back to mind was a brief message on social media this week. Lorie Albright mentioned her grandparents, Ken and June Stollsteimer, in a message. Her query was as to whether our local Firebelles had a Web presence. Ken and June were both quite active Firebelles back in the late 1980s until the mid-1990s.

The Firebelles was a much more active organization back in those days. One of their many activities was Saturday night bingo at the fire station.

Ken and June lived in Olive’s trailer park on the edge of the wash running behind and very near the creek. Each time my path up the creek takes me by where their place used to be, my memory of the screened-in front porch and many lunches or maybe just a piece of pie with Ken and June come to mind.

Lorie was one of the multitude of grandkids or greats who came to Christopher Creek to spend long summer days soaking up early memories of adventures and life in the mountains. She was looking for a way to pass on the word of the recent passing of her grandmother, June.

Thank you, Lorie, for thinking of the few of us here in the Creek who remember your grandparents and for sharing with us the loss of June.

Another of those kids was spending four days with her great-grandmother last weekend. Karen Thornton had a quite active time with 4-year-old Olive. She had been to visit the last time shortly after the big storm and her first question was what happened to all the snow!

On a trip out on Colcord last weekend we learned that Kenny Jacobs is in the Valley with some very serious health issues. Kenny has been a fixture in Colcord Estates for 51 years, having moved there as a young lad. We send our best wishes down to Kenny.

We learned about Kenny at a gathering at the home of Joe and Jennie Branco. They were hosting this card party with the assistance of their mother, daughter Kelly and son, Joe II. Highlight of the evening was a glimpse of the beautiful home they have built. Doc and Kathy Doolittle, Randy and Patsi Hostie, and Bill Handy were there as well. The fellas joined me in the roll of pigeons at the card table.

We would like to thank Gabby, Gail and the folks down at Above and Beyond down in the Swiss Village. Having mentioned hearing good things from several gals who have had their hair done, Gabby challenged me to come in. It has been 20 years since you would have found me in such a shop. The last time was at Cookie Cutters when Karen Sawyer (Cookie White) cut my hair.

Thanks, Gabby, for doing a good job with what you had to work with!

My trip to the Valley for a Washington County, Iowa picnic last Monday found some sunshine and a small but mighty bunch of Hawkeye friends. Those attending from around the Valley were Nancy and Terry Salemick, Connie and Jim Webber, Connie and Lye Stineman, Miriam and Tom Pacha, Bill and Emily Mouser, Terry Haifley from Casa Grande and my brother, Brian.

Thank you to Kenn and Pat Gorecki for their gracious offer of a bed and breakfast at their home. That evening we spent with a great bunch hanging out at the clubhouse in the “plywood” section of Sun Lakes.

We want to give a shout-out to Lynn and Sue down at Kohl’s Ranch. They report that things have been going fine other than 19 stitches and 12 staples on the crown of Sue’s head. That resulted from a dog-leash related incident ending with a collision with a steel gatepost!

We note that a reader of this column found us online from his home in Fontenay-sous-Bois, a suburb of Paris, France. Ooo, la la ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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