Christopher Creek celebrates the holiday season this weekend with three scheduled events sponsored by our two great civic organizations — the Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Department Firebelles and the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association.

Friday evening, the fire department auxiliary hosts its Christmas dinner for the firefighters and their families. Elk Haven Cabins on Colcord Road is the location for this event. An appearance from Santa is anticipated.

Sunny skies and a temperature in the mid-50s are in store for Saturday afternoon’s CCHOA event. Down at the firehouse, children of all ages and sizes will gather at 3 p.m. for the annual Christmas party.

The first half-hour will be devoted to the job of decorating and filling several food boxes. There may be some cookies served while that is going on.

Around half-past three, Chuck Schmitt, sleigh master, pilots the red-suited fellow to the side door of the station, where he will be met with cheers from the youngsters. Once inside, he will greet everyone with some hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho’s” before settling into his overstuffed chair.

Allow me to step back for a moment. Many of you know of my close association with Santa. Last week, in a long conversation, he related to me why it is that Christopher Creek is by far his favorite place to visit each year. First, he said, is all the joy he sees in the eyes of the kids. He recalled a time, some years ago, when he looked down from the sleigh to see a young granddaughter of Alex and Irma. She was seated on the steps and when Santa looked down and said, “Well, hello, Ivy.” Her little mouth drew up into a small letter “O” and her eyes were as big as saucers. “Santa knows my name!” she squealed as she jumped up to go share her excitement.

Over the years, Santa has relied on the assistance of his elves to turn the pages of the pop-up picture storybook and also to help present the filled stockings to the kids on Santa’s lap. They begin as regular customers before Santa promotes them to Elf status, as they get older. He has seen them grow up, finish high school and get drivers’ licenses. Oh, Goodness. Scott and Marilyn’s granddaughter, Ava, will be this year’s elf again.

He spoke of how he enjoys the crowd that shows up for the party — all the children, but parents, grandparents, volunteers, and the simply curious. Last year, he saw Marshall Trimble way in the back, but later found out it was all right. He brought a granddaughter. Dave and Carol come without any kids, but they are there to take a lot of pictures.

Christopher Creek has the real Santa. That is the assessment of one of his best customers for many years. Spencer is not a stranger to the many Valley malls, so therefore we must take him at his word.

Santa says the best part may be when, while reading the story, he looks out upon the wonder and joy in the eyes of those children. It is then that he realizes how awfully hot it is in that red suit!

You will see Santa again at 6 p.m. at the Tall Pines Market as the Light Parade assembles. Following the parade is a potluck dinner at the Landmark. There will be a drawing for the prizes donated by businesses and individuals. To get a ticket, you must be in the parade. See you there!

Becky was the high-school sweetheart of Gregg Kuntz and they were married in their freshman year at college. Gregg’s parents had a hunting and fishing cabin in the mountains. Becky loved coming to the Creek with their young children, Michael and Tina. Her favorite times were tending to the garden at the cabin, working jigsaw puzzles or going for long rides in one of Gregg’s classic cars. You would see Gregg and Becky frequently at Creekside, Landmark and Kohl’s Ranch restaurants — another of her enjoyments. Monday evening, we heard of Becky’s sudden passing. She is survived by her husband, Gregg, her daughter Tina (Ginger), son, Michael (Leanne), and their granddaughter, Olivia. Many of her friends and neighbors here in the Creek enjoyed Becky’s presence in our lives.

In less than 30 days, the Creek has had eight-and-a-half inches of moisture. Nearly enough to float your boat ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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