Christopher Creek will have a parade on July Fourth. Unnamed local officials announced the intention to defy governmental guidelines, which may or may not be in place on that date. The parade will go on, according to our contacts. We support our anonymous sources for their bold decision-making.

Let’s take a look at some more stories about how residents discovered the Creek.

Debbie Baldner from See Canyon states, “My Dad bought our cabin in 1964. I love it!”

Ingrid Monk says, “In 1983 we took a trip to the Painted Desert and came down SR 260 to go home to Phoenix. We stopped at the Creekside to eat and the rest is history. We just had to come up to the Creek as much as we could. Then we found our place in the RV park and later moved up there. We managed The Village @ Christopher Creek until 2003. Miss the Creek so much!”

Dean and Genny Dodson tell us, “Back in our Harley days, 1986 or so, we always rode up here and stopped at the Landmark. It was always so nice to sit by the creek. Who would have known we would buy and still be here 34 years later.”

Deb and Greg Minter relate, “We had just moved to Arizona from Wisconsin in July of 2004. Our grandkids, Cade and Leif, and our daughter Mindy were coming in August and we were looking for a place to stay, have fun, and a little cooler. Stayed at the Luxury Cabins. We went horseback riding at Kohl’s Ranch and the boys played in the creek for two days. At night we had campfires and saw elk come to the ponds. Fell in love with Christopher Creek. It did take us three years to finally buy our first trailer in the CC Park. We had come back and stayed at Kohl’s Ranch and the Wooden Nickel. Came for the Paradise in the Pines concert at the old Landmark. Cade and Leif come every summer. Love it here. When Leif was 6, he said he was moving here in 2032. He is now 21. Mindy and Mike enjoy their time here as well. And that’s how we found Christopher Creek. Best friends and community we have ever found.”

Kenn and Pat Gorecki said, “Stayed at the Lodge in 2004 and saw a picture of a trailer in CCMHP and Pat had to have it, 10 years later Chuck called and said that there was a cabin for sale and I decided I had to have it. 2004-2020.”

Peggy Seitz over in Hunter Creek says, “Lived in Colorado for 10 years and drove through it for years. When looking to build a retirement home, our Realtor took us there and we were sold on the spot!”

From Ron Louch, “Me and Rhonda got the lot in 1996, bought the house in 2000, and built the Garage Majal 10 years later. We love it there — good people and a great place. This is our dream home.”

Carol and Dave Funderburk up on Acorn Drive say, “Dave and I and the dogs lived in Congress for 10 years, where it was only about 5-10 degrees cooler than Phoenix. Checked a website and found Christopher Creek and came up here two to three times a year to get out of the heat. In 2017 while here we decided to check with a Realtor on houses for sale. Eileen Kittock’s house was for sale, we loved it and by September bought the house and have been here ever since. There is no place on earth Dave and I would rather be!”

From Kay and Jake Poinier up on the ridge, “Year 2000, and our Phoenix neighbors and great friends Mark and Kristine Bender had their cabin on Columbine. Kristine and I would pop up to Christopher Creek with our little kiddos mid week while our hubbies were working. In 2004, we purchased our ‘A frame’ in the Creek, and it has pretty much been the best financial decision of our marriage!”

Mikey Marazza, from back in Pennsylvania chimes in, “Frank and I drove through that small community and fell in love with it and over the many years there we made many, many friends. It was the perfect place to raise Frankie Jo, for it made her the wonderful person she is today. I enjoy reading your column and remembering those times.”

Welcome home, Margot Holmes. Margot winters over around San Diego and returned last weekend.

So, this guy says to me, “Hey, mister! We see what it is you’re doing here. You got the whole town to write your column for you. And you did it two weeks in a row!” That left me wondering what his point was ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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