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The Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Department recently received a surprise cash donation from Sophie Brown and Olive Ramirez. Pictured with the girls are Christopher Kohl’s firefighters (from left) Rhett Connoly, Chief Robert Lockhart and Steve McKinnon.

Christopher Creek finally got some rain. The backside of Christopher Mountain, above Woods Canyon Lake, the Bear Flat area, and a couple other spots all had some heavy downpours before we saw ours. Some of those weather radar rainfall total signatures showed three inches and more. The Creek got eight-tenths of an inch, but it’s a start — a late start. The rain came mid-afternoon last Friday. The temperature dropped 25 degrees in a matter of minutes. We have some good chances for more.

Earlier last Friday, the county was in here putting the finishing touches on the roads. They hauled in hundreds of tons of new granite — all nicely graded, compacted, rolled, watered down, wheel-packed from the dozens of heavy 10-wheelers moving in more material. It was a thing of beauty. They did a fine job. Mother Nature came along just after they finished and our nice smooth roads were already cut up in places by the rivers of runoff. Well, it’s the year 2020.

On the Landmark patio that evening, things were dried off by the time Duane Moore, from the Rim Country band Mogollon, began to play. He told the story of the cancellation of many of their show dates in the Valley and around the state over the last four-and-a-half months. Duane has a good friend here in the Creek — “Too Tall” Bill. They made some calls and put together a surprise appearance. He told the crowd the reasons he wanted to come up. He hasn’t been to the Creek in a while and he wanted to entertain in front of real people. Also, there was the fact that it is a whole lot cooler here in the mountains.

The cool, fresh evening air brought folks out early and they stayed late. Talking to dozens of locals and observing the entire crowd, you could see from smiling faces and their celebratory mood that there seemed to be a change. It was as if a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Could the first monsoon rain, the great entertainment, or a respite from the cares of the world that brought the noticeable change in attitude? Perhaps, it was all three.

On Monday, the Landmark announced that Duane has an encore appearance this Saturday evening. Meanwhile, James Haviland and the crew up at Creekside Steakhouse will host the Michael Nitro Band on the patio from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is the first time in many, many years that both venues offered us entertainment on the same evening. Whether your preference is rock or country, check them out at both patios.

Last weekend, the EMTs from Hellsgate FD resorted to using a public address system to hail the people in the Tonto National Forest near the Paleo site to remove their cars and trucks. Some 20 of them came streaming out of the woods. The dozen vehicles parked there were preventing a helicopter from landing. The victim had multiple system traumas from an off-road accident. What part of the forest is closed do they not understand?

Again, mention must be made concerning the danger of lightning strikes. The Rim and Promontory Point are lightning magnets this time of year. Be aware of approaching storms while visiting the lakes and camping along the Rim.

Denny Harger mans the Colcord Lookout tower to keep an eye on lightning strikes and any smokes. He has had that job for many years. Ten years ago, he married a former Creek resident and they are raising two fine young boys. His wife, Darla, is food and beverage director at the casino.

A while back, we put the wrong last name to Dan Barth. Dan is the guy that spotted the fire on the ridge above the Creek.

Summertime brings up kids, grands and greats to visit in the Creek as evidenced by the popularity of Mimi’s Crossing, otherwise known as the carwash. Olive was visiting Karen Thornton for 10 days. Rafe spent a week at Waltemeyers’. Gary and Cindi, up on Acorn, had seven grands last weekend. Sophie was visiting at Paul and Karen Brown’s. And, we got this from Dave Elston, “The fire department recently received a surprise cash donation from two young benefactors. Sophie Brown, age 7, and Olive Ramirez, age 7, sold their handmade bracelets here-and-there around Christopher Creek and donated the proceeds in person at the fire station. Our firemen returned the favor by giving the girls their own CKFD black rubber bracelets. Way to go young ladies!”

It was noisy last Saturday morning as a cow on the ridge above the Creek was calling for her lost calf. Meanwhile, across the Loop, the young calf was bawling for its mama. Cowboy Heber trailered his horse up from Young and soon the pair was reunited. It was a mooooving experience ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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