A man who opened fire in a Globe bar in 2018, killing three and injuring another, was sentenced to three life sentences, according to the Gila County Attorney’s Office.

Sterling Hunt opened fire at Jammerz Bar in Globe on Nov. 11, 2018, after reportedly getting upset about his bar tab. Hunt pleaded guilty to all charges in exchange for the GCSO withdrawing the death penalty. Hunt is not eligible for parole.

Hunt arrived at the bar alone that night. He spent several hours socializing with others in the bar, who he had just met, according to Chief Deputy County Attorney Brad Soos.

“At some point he got into a minor dispute with the bartender over the status of the bar tab,” according to a press release from the GCAO. “He then went out to his car, retrieved a handgun, returned to the bar and began shooting the victims in the back patio area of the bar. After emptying his gun, he disassembled and ditched the gun behind the bar, and ran along the railroad tracks, eventually making his way back to his vehicle.”

Three people were killed and the bartender was severely injured. The bartender escaped through a rear entrance.

Officers arrested Hunt hours later in the hospital parking lot. He was severely intoxicated, Soos said.

“He claimed at sentencing that he did not recall much of that night and apologized to all of the victims. Most of the events were captured on video surveillance. Hunt had no prior criminal record and briefly served as a Marine reserve.”

The state was prepared to go to trial, but the court granted the defendant’s request for a continuance over the objection of the state. Shortly thereafter, the victims and their families unanimously requested that the GCAO offer a plea agreement so that there could be finality and closure after the case had been pending for over two years.

Hunt received three life terms for the murders and an additional 37 years for injuring others in the bar.

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