The three cars at the Manzanita and Hwy 260 June 9 accident

Three cars collided at the Manzanita and Highway 260 intersection on June 9. There were injuries, but details were not available.

On June 9, before 9 a.m. three vehicles had an accident with injuries at the corner of Manzanita and Highway 260.

According to research done by the Payson Police Department, that intersection has more accidents than the intersections at Malibu and Highway 87 or Highways 87 and 260.

Malibu and Highway 87 serve as the entrance to Walmart.

Manzanita and Highway 260 serve as one of three entrances to the Safeway and Bashas’ shopping areas.

The Payson Police Department researched 243 accidents in the past three years, most of them occurred at Manzanita and Highway 260.

PPD primarily did the research to determine if panhandlers caused the accidents. The department found they did not.

PPD has not yet responded to questions as to the reason for the accidents.

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Mike White

One idea: there would be less traffic coming out of and going into the south side of Manzanita if Mud Springs were extended to the 260 to the east so drivers did not have to come all the way down to the congested curve that also leads to the Safeway parking lot. I have seen many cars come zipping around that curve trying to make the light, in addition to all the cars on the 260 heading west into the intersection speeding up to make the light.

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